It can be exciting but extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle. There are more motorcycle accidents than not. Even though you are more likely to get in an accident riding a motorcycle than a car, people are still obsessed with bikes and fast driving. When using a motorbike as your means of transportation, you must take all precautions to remain safe. Many motorcycle accidents do end up in injuries and you want to make sure you have the proper insurance and prepared to obtain a lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents when matters call for one.

Many people ride motorcycles as a sport or hobby, but no matter the skill set you are still susceptible to injury or death. Bikers should always implement safety skills when getting on the road. There are ways to avoid possible accidents if you pay attention and understand these tips:

1. Have the Proper Safety Gear

The proper gear can be something that saves you from injuries and certain weather conditions. Having the right gear will make your ride more comfortable and protect your body. You must always wear a helmet and long clothing. Pants and jackets made of leather are what every motorcyclist should wear when riding for any type of distance. No matter is you’re going down the street you must gear up!

Not wearing the proper safety gear will cause you to be more susceptible to injuries when an accident happens. You must be prepared for anything and that means wearing the right clothing. Although it can be a lot of work to put on the right layers of gear, it is important to stay safe. Even if you have a passenger, you both must wear the right clothing and protection to help prevent injuries. You want to protect all parts of your body. There are more things you must wear besides a leather jacket and a helmet to have the proper gear.

You MUST wear:

  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Leather or thick pants
  • Jacket
  • Helmet

2. Be Alert

Being alert and paying attention to your surroundings is all motorcyclists have to master. You are on the road with larger vehicles and sometimes they aren’t aware of you. You have to be aware of them and all the traffic around you. Most accidents regarding motorcycles are a result of driver mistakes. Many cars tend to maneuver through lanes and between gaps without paying attention to you and you must take caution to all merging vehicles.

Riding a motorcycle is more defensively demanding than safe driving a car. Remember that you don’t necessarily have much body protection as other cars.

Sometimes cars make quick stops and can result in you slamming into the back of them. Collisions like this one could eject you from your bike and injure you severely. Pay attention to speeds. Having to brake fast on a motorcycle is dangerous due to the fact that braking power comes from the front wheels.

Also, pay attention to opening doors as you ride down streets. You don’t want to be going fast down a narrow street and end up colliding with a car door that a driver opened without checking.

3. Make yourself Seen by other Drivers

You must make yourself seen on the road to ensure other drivers are able to see you. Wearing bright clothing is ideal for evening and night rides. You could even add reflective elements to your clothes and bike to make sure you are seen. Stay in the lanes that allow other drivers to see you. Avoid blind areas of cars to make sure you don’t get clipped and cause an accident.

4. Consider the Road Surface and Hazards

Certain road conditions and types may cause you to have a rocky ride. The surface changes of the road can create a loss of traction and cause you to lose control of your bike. Take caution when you see a road surface change and ride slower than usual. Even some asphalt and steel can cause you to skid and lose control. Gravel is also something you should try to avoid if possible.

A crash can occur within seconds and can easily injure you if you’re not paying attention to changes and road types. Potholes are dangerous to any vehicle but especially motorcycles. Watch out for hazards on the road to help prevent injury when accidents arise.

5. Avoid Riding in Bad Weather

Bad weather can be critical for any kind of vehicle, but for motorcycles, it is especially dangerous. If you realize there will be bad weather, try not to drive or be cautious of puddle and mud. Sometimes rain will cause a motorcycle to slide and skid when oil is brought out of the ground.

Snow is especially something you should avoid. Not only is too cold outside but it is easier to get into an accident. If there is ice, do not ride your motorcycle. You will just be asking for an accident and injuries.

6. Refrain from Speeding

Though it may be exhilarating to speed on your motorcycle, it is extremely dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. Remember to stay within the speed limit to help prevent an accident. Never speed while riding on the streets and pay attention to those around you. Take more caution when the roads are wet or busy. Make sure to always have control and sense of speed when riding your motorcycle.

Try not to go too fast when turning because you don’t want to spin out or crash. Go slow at first and speed up once you’ve turned safely. Don’t be too confident when driving. If you want to show off do it safely and refrain from reckless boasting.

7. Beware of Intersections

Intersections are a danger zone to motorcyclists. Most accidents that happen are at intersections. Motorcyclists turning left can lead to wrecks because they aren’t visible to other cars. Many people only check for larger vehicles and neglect to think about small motorcycles. Make sure you are ready to take action quickly if you see an accident approaching you. You want to be alert and remain defensive for your safety and well-being.

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