Engagement Party

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in some people’s lives, which makes them want to celebrate Engagement Party it in the best way possible. Especially when it comes to breaking the news and celebrating it with their friends and family. It is not an obsolete task to arrange a ravishing party, and here is how you can organize a party that would be remembered by everyone, and of course you.

Host of the Party

If we talk about the traditions and norms, mostly the bride’s mother or her family throws the engagement party, but isn’t it your fiancé? Shouldn’t you be taking care of it? Nevertheless, you can always opt for two parties, one hosted by the groom’s parents and the other one hosted by the bride’s family. Always remember that if it isn’t you or your fiancé throwing the party, expect changes in the date and preparations, such as the location, which could also be far away from your current residence. Moreover, whoever the host of the party is, is responsible to give a speech, making the moment perfect.


One of the key factors when it comes to throwing an engagement party is determining the type of event you want to throw. Starting from the venue, the catering, the drinks and even the invitations. It doesn’t mean that if your budget is small, then you have to have a restricted party. You can have a luxurious party if you craft a proper guest list, and work on the requirements for the event. For instance, you don’t necessarily need a formal meal, instead you can go with champagne cocktails and canapes.

Set the Date

Depending on how long it has been to your engagement, you can throw a party anywhere and whenever you want, either a few days or a few weeks from the proposal. Although a close family gathering is important during the weekend right after the proposal. It can be the perfect chance to break the bubble to your people. You do not have to schedule a grand event during the first month. Take a breather and give some time to yourself before you get into the phase of throwing a grand party. First, grasp the thought of being engaged into your head and the fact that you will be getting married soon, before anything. That saves you from the anxiety. Other than that, giving it enough time will let you envision the guest list, the location and style of your wedding. Eventually helping you to decide everything in a prefect manner.



One of the classic choices for an engagement party is either your home or a restaurant, but that does not mean you have to limit yourself to these venues. You can opt for whatever you want, and these are just two of the options available for most. You can have the event at an art gallery, the beach, or a BBQ party in your backyard. All these come under the casual engagement venues but if you want to go for something formal, you would want to book a hotel, golf club or country club. Moreover, always try to make the mood of your engagement different from the main event because you don’t want it to have the same char as that of your upcoming wedding. Balance it with a destination wedding, a ballroom affair or a buffet. There are tons of options to choose from.

Guest List

When it comes to the guest list, anyone who will be present at the engagement event will be there at the wedding as well. It is a chance to celebrate your moment with your family and your close friends at a setting that depicts intimacy and calmness. Consider it as sunshine before a hail storm. Another one of the options is that you send the invites to those people, who will not be able to make it to the wedding due to whatever reasons. Think of your friends, family and neighbors. It will be an opportunity for them to be a part of your celebration, and they will feel special as well. It will also get rid of the pressure when it would come towards creating the final guest list.

Wedding Band

Last but not the least, the most important thing for an engagement party is a wedding ring. Well, of course you must have proposed to your significant other with a ring or flowers, but you would definitely need matching bands for the two of you. You can go with silver bands, diamond bands or even white gold wedding bands if you want it to be classy but cannot afford something too extra, such as platinum. There are so many options to choose from that you will surely find the prefect one with ease.


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