Your front yard says a lot about your house. It can be a statement of your personality, a hobby, and even increase your overall property value. It does not matter if your home is big or small, if your yard is long or short, or the ratio of concrete to green. Any yard can look amazing with the right care and landscaping. If you want to flex your green thumb, here are some tips that can bring you the most success.

Do Not Underestimate the Tarp

Landscaping is a messy job covered in leaves, sod, and plain old dirt. A tarp is a great tool that does not get enough respect. It can hold dirt to keep turf clean when digging a hole, it is great for ferrying plants to their new homes, terrific for removing debris without swathing the yard in mess, and even protects flowers on the way home from the store.

Use Fertilizer

A chief mistake many make when attempting their own landscaping is not using fertilizer. Fertilizer is a great tool to grow lush green foliage. It keeps your plants healthy and extends their lifespan. Starter fertilizer helps newly planted flowers thrive and standard fertilizer benefits overall soil health. If you make the soil in your yard optimal for growing plants then it makes the job all the easier the next time around.

Use Natural Edging

In order to achieve a great landscape design, you need to properly edge your yard. Edges can be artificial as well as natural. Many experts say creating a natural edge is better for plants. This can be done with simple additions like wooden walls or concrete pathways. You can also use plastic or metal barriers inserted into the ground but those can be harmful to plants. Proper edging also creates more flexibility for your design and is easier to alter.

Know Your Flowers

Flowers are fickle creatures. They have strange names like annuals and perennials. Some love the sun, some like the cold, some have big roots, and some are really thirsty. You need to understand the special circumstances of each plant you plant in your yard. You also need to understand the strategies landscaper use when designing a yard. Annuals, for instance, are always placed in pots at high visibility. This is because they are long-bloomers and do not need to be regularly replaced. Knowing tips like this provides a better design and cuts down on the maintenance work you have to do.


Seeding is an important step for creating healthy grass. If you do not seed in the grass patches, then despite whatever flowers you plant, the lawn will look uneven. Make sure you get the proper seed and condition your grass right so the end picture is proportionate.
Make Room For Your Mower

One thing you may notice about professional landscapers is that they always make room for the mower. This is because you want the ability to maintain your grass without destroying it. This is why it is important to factor in how you will mow when designing your lawn. Even spacing between beds, islands, and pathways will allow you to mow with ease and lessen the risk of hurting your other plants.

Use Quality Tools

Another big mistake is going cheap on fundamental gardening tools. Sub-par tools leave maintenance half-done and also require more work from you. By using premium tools you ensure that they will do the job right and stand the test of time. This benefits your yard and makes the process of landscaping easier to manage. Having the right mower is also important in keeping your lawn looking great. Consider Bradley Mowers for a great lawnmower that will give you years of service.

Use a Professional Service

If you are too busy to focus on landscaping, but want a good yard, turning to professionals like http://www.riversidetreecare.com/ is never a bad idea. They can accomplish all that has been aforementioned and even provide regular maintenance services as well. Landscapers ensure that you have a great lawn and keep your plants healthy.

Have a Plan

Whether you go pro or DIY, you always want to follow a plan for your yard. Going to a nursery and buying a few plants does not hack it. Poor design or no design at all leads to disaster. So cover every detail and contact an organization like Home Service Direct to get the job done right.


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