Luxury Watch Brands

Hello Attention Trust readers!!! You might have waited for many days for a new Top List from our side. Here we are with a new list that will certainly help you gain some knowledge about the Top Luxury Watch Brands that are successfully selling their watches across the globe.

Luxury watches these days are now spreading far and wide among every class almost. In luxury watch brands we have seen timeless and exceptional quality, lots of precision in Swiss made watches and Japanese made watches. It does not matter that how far we have reached in the world of technology, these mechanical movements and timeless wristwatches are always there to fascinate and tempt us.

Watch making is an exceptional art which is getting fine-tuned and also getting perfected itself as centuries are being moved on.

We have seen some passionate innovations, refined craftsmanship and some relentless dedication in this industry. If one carries a luxury watch then that is considered as the sign of gentleman appreciation which he is giving to his style, class and tradition.

Check out this wonderful collection of watches that belong to Top Luxury Watch Brands and wear these classy watches as your statement piece!

Top 25 Luxury Watch Brands

1. Lange & Söhne


This luxury watch brand dates long back to 1845. Since then it’s been functioning in its original hometown of Glashutte, Germany.

Their rich materials, exquisite details and excellent mechanical precision makes them one of the top watch brand in the whole world.

Their luxury lies in their 18kt platinum or gold. Also their bridges and plates are of silver, whereas dials are made of enamel or silver.

Lange and Sohne luxury watch is famous internationally because of its extravagant production techniques and for the refinement and depth of the watch movements.

Best-selling: Up to date their most sold over. These are their best-selling watches up to date and these edition have made this brand a remarkable and one of the Top watch Brands.

  • Lange 1 Moon Phase
  • 1815 Up/Down
  • Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna”

2. Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son Top-15-Luxury-Watch-Brands

Arnold and Son is one of the Top Luxury Watch Brands which was established in 1764. This is an historic British watch brand which comes among one of the top luxury watch brand.

Arnold and son is a sister company to Graham and they both combine refers to their English heritage with Swiss watch making.

Later on the British masters sold this to La Joux-Perret. After which the company instantly came up with new models. After few more years it became Japanese owned, though the management remained Swiss.

The price range of these luxury watches come between $3,000 to $190,000.

Best-selling: These are the best-selling watches up to date of this brand:

  • Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Phase
  • Arnold & Son Royal Collection HMS1

3. Rolex


Founder of Rolex was Hans Wilsdorf who was born in Germany but later on he moved to Switzerland when he was still very young.

In 1914 when they came out, British government certified Rolex as the first luxury watch to clear the durability and accuracy test which was only given to marine chronometers before that. Soon after this company was renamed in 1915 as Rolex Watch Co. Ltd

Then Around 2002 after suffering from too much counterfeiting, The company Rolex started inserting a microscopic laser etching in all of their watches crystal as a crown trademark which served as a security device and hence no replications were done after that.

Best-selling: These are top Rolex luxury best-selling so far and after trying these editions, you will also call this brand as one of the Top watch Brands for sure.

  • Rolex Rare Zenith Daytona Pave Diamond & Ruby Dial 16528
  • Rolex Day-Date 39 Yellow Gold Masterpiece Diamond MOP Dial
  • Rolex Milgauss 1019 black dial | Rolex Service Guarantee

4. Bell & Ross


Bell & Ross is one of the luxurious and finest French watch companies. It is headed by a Swiss and a French designer Bruno Belamich. Carlos Rosillo heads this company too. It was in 1992 that this luxurious watch brand came into view.

Its first and initial watches designs were designed by Rosillo and Belamich and first one initial watch was made by Sin, a German watchmaker. Some of its watch designs have been replicated in a way to get the shape of a cockpit. Its BR02 collection is made for diving professionals.

This collection comes with highly legible kind of dials as well as cases. This BR02 collection is water resistant and it can withstand pressure up to 100 meters.

This collection is offered with hydromax offering as well. That means these watches comprise of a hydraulic fluid so that they can counteract external water pressure.

Bell and Ross ended their partnership in 2002. They now own their independent production facilities.

Bell & Ross, one of the Top Luxury Watch Brands, their top sold out products are:

  • Bell & Ross Men’s BR01-92CARBON Aviation Black Rubber Strap Watch
  • Bell & Ross Aviation Military, price is $2500
  • Bell & Ross Aviation Black Ceramic, price is $3,495

5. Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch manufacturing company. It was founded in year 1951. This watch manufacturing company is located in Geneva. It has been manufacturing these timepieces as well as movements since 1951.

They have made some of the most complicated and technical mechanical watches too. They have been included in the list of most prestigious and well known watch manufacturing companies.

It was in 1839 that Antoni Patek started to make pocket watched in Geneva. He did this task along with his fellow Franciszek Czapek.

This watch company is popular in making split seconds hand, minute repeater as well as chronograph in their watches. This company manufactures and makes their very own watch components.

It was in 2010 that this company almost produced 40,000 watches which was a very big milestone not only for them but whole watch making industry.

Patek Philippe best and top selling products are mentioned below. Try them and you will agree with us as well that Patek Philippe is no doubt one of the Top luxury watch Brand.

  • Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Diamond Ladies Watch, price is $11,599.00
  • Patek Philippe Gran
  • d Complication Men’s Platinium
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Swiss-automatic men’s Watch 5980/1A-001, price is$64,995.00

6. Bremont

Bremont - Top 15 Luxury Watch Brands

This watch company is a luxurious British watchmaker company. It is based and located in England. Its annual production reaches to 8000 pieces to 10,000 pieces. Nick and Giles English, both brothers founded this company.

It was from their father that they got this mechanical experience since they were little kids. Their father trained him as to how to do clock assembling, yacht construction and also aero plane construction.

This watch company which is marked as one of the Top Luxury Watch Brands has received HSBC Global Connections award, UK retail jewelry award, Luxury Briefings Award and Breakthrough brand award.

They have made large number of special edition and commercial watches for luxury as well as daily wear.

Their top sold out and best of all selling products are:

  • Bremont Martin-Baker automatic-self-wind men’s Watch MBIII/BZ , price is $5,450.00
  • Bremont World Timer “Globemaster” automatic-self-wind men’s Watch ALT1-WT/BL/BR, price is $4,795.00
  • Bremont U-2 automatic-self-wind men’s Watch U-2/DLC, price is $3,450.00

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7. Corum


Corum is a Swiss watchmaking company. It is located in La- Chaux-de-Fonds. It was in 1955 that this Swiss manufacturing watch company was established. This company has been making high price luxury watches since 1955.

Since then they have never compromised on their quality. Most of its designed watches came with limited editions which made it more popular among the upper class as limited edition wasn’t revised again. Its benchmark watch series is Admiral Cup Series.

World Series of Poker watches were designed and made by Corum. This series was also accompanied by World Series of Poker bracelet as well. Gaston Ries and Rene Bannwart is the founder of this company.

Right after establishing this company in 1955, Gaston and Rene started to produce watches in 1956. Harder efforts poured by the founders of this brand made it as one of the Top watch Brands.

Its top one sold out products is: as follows:

  • Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chrono Men’s Black PVD Automatic Swiss Made Watch 984.101.98/F502 AN46 $3,461.00
  • Corum Heritage Men’s Stainless Steel Ultra Flat Mechanical Watch – 38mm Silver Face Black Leather Band Luxury Swiss Watch For Men $1,195.00
  • Corum Bubble automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 2320.562001 $2,990.00

8. Blancpain


Blancpain has been designing and manufacturing luxury Swiss watches since many years now.

Note that this watchmaking company is the subsidiary of Swatch group and it is now counted as Top Luxury Watch Brands.

It was in 1735 that Jacques Blancpain started to make watches. He is the founder of Blancpain. He set up and created his first one in the workshop at Villeret.

It was on the upper floor of his house that he carried this workshop session during early days of his career. This company has never ever produced any quartz watches. When it is compared to its competitors, Rolex produce 2000 watches in a single day and they only produce 30 watches on a per day basis.

A single watchmaker hired by them make a single watch on a per day routine basis. They have created some complicated mechanical watches too.

The Blancpain 1735 was the limited edition at their end and this series had only 30 pieces which were sold out as quickly as they came out.

Its highly purchased products are:

  • Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatic 5015-1130-52b, price is $11,800.00
  • Blancpain Villeret automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 1161-1127-55, price is $4,399.00
  • Blancpain Leman automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 2185F-1130-71, price is $5,950.00

9. Hublot


It is a Swiss luxury watchmaking company. It was in 1980 that this watchmaking company was created. Carlo Crocco founded it.

This company is a wholly owned one subsidiary of France’s LVMH. It has so far 80 boutiques at its end. It was in 2007 that it successfully opened its mono brand store which is located in Paris. It has its flagship store present in Bond Street, London.

This company has been engaged in large number of sponsorship deals. It was in 2008 that they made a sponsorship deal with some football club Manchester United and that deal was worth of 4 million Euros on a per year basis.

People love the Bing Bang watches special versions. They have released large number of these Formula One themed watches by becoming a partner with Formula One.

Their top one and also best sold out products are:

  • Hublot Big Bang Men’s Automatic Watch 301-SX-130-RX, price is $9,850.00
  • Hublot Classic Fusion Men’s Automatic Watch – 511.NX.1170.RX, price is $6,375.00
  • Hublot Big Bang Men’s Watch 301-SB-131-RX, $10,100.00

10. HYT


This watchmaking company is located in Switzerland. Do you know that it is the only Watchmaking Company that can display and show the time with fluids, it is true! It was in 2012 that this company was launched.

Its hybrid piece was its first launched piece. It was during Basel World that HI piece was launched. This timepiece won 3 awards and that too in the same year. This hybrid timepiece got best innovative watch award as well Best concept watch of the year award.

Gregory Dourde is is CEO of HYT. Total 11 employees are working over here and its products are labeled and mentioned as H1, H2, H3 and H4, Skull, H0. Lucien Vuillamoz is the inventor of this company and Patrick Berdoz is the chairman of this watchmaking company.

Been included in category of Top Luxury Watch Brands, below are their best sold out products:

  • HI black DLC and Pink Gold
  • HI Titanium
  • HI Titanium Bronze

11. IWC Schaffhausen


This International Watch Company is the subsidiary of Richemont group. It was in 1868 that this best and top watch seller company was created.

Florentine Ariosto Jones is the founder of this company and this company has its headquarters in Switzerland. Total 650 employees are serving in this subjected company.

It is the only Swiss watch factory which is present at the eastern side of Switzerland. As we know that majority in number of Swiss watch manufacturers are located and present at the western side of Switzerland.

They have their own customer magazine which is named as Watch International and it is published four times on a per year basis. This publication is available in three languages French, German and English.

Their famous products and editions are:

  • • IWC Schaffhausen Watch IW390212, price is $11,000.00
  • • IWC Men’s Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Casual Watch, price is $4,915.00

12. Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix - Top 15 Luxury Watch Brands

Maurice Lacroix is one of the most well-known premium brands when we talk about Swiss watches. This company is headquartered in Zurich, Germany. It was in 1975 that this company came into existence.

By the time of 1980, this company reached to its maximum success level. Unlike other companies, it produces watch cases in its own production houses.

This is the only factor that makes this company an unusual company with respect to its competitors. This company has fully maintained its Swiss watch making art. They created their own movements for their Masterpiece Collection. It was their sky rocketed collection.

This company has 220 employees working in it and it has more than 4000 shops in almost 60 countries. Their Masterpiece collection was based on historic and heritage designs. This brand has officially entered in the category of Top Luxury Watch Brands.

This brand famous products and editions are as follows:

  • Maurice Lacroix Women’s ‘Fiaba’ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch, Color: Silver-Toned (Model: FA1007-SS002-110-1), price is $887.54
  • Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme Diver Chronograph Men’s Watches – 43mm Black Dial Black Leather Band Swiss Automatic Dive Watch For Men PT6028-ALB31-331-1, price is $1,599.99
  • Maurice Lacroix LC6067-SS001-110 Men’s Les Classiques Tradition Automatic Watch, price is $954.00

13. Omega


Like many other watch companies, Omega Watchmaking Company is also located in Switzerland. It was founded in 1848. Its former name was La Generale Watch Company and then in 1903, its name turned out to be Omega.

It was in 1917 that Britain Royal Flying Corps selected Omega watches for themselves which was a big honor for the company.

These watches were turned out to be their official timekeepers. These watches were also once the first choice for NASA.

The first watch that was taken to moon in 1969 year, it is this Omega watch. It remained the official one timekeeping device during the phase of Olympic Games since 1932. Do you know that James Bond had also worn Omega watches many times in many of his movies!

Then we have also seen some big names such as Prince William, John F. Kennedy and George Clooney wearing these watches made by Omega.

Do try this brand famous editions which are mentioned below:

  • Omega Constellation Ladies Watch, price is $3,234.00
  • Omega Men’s 31130423001005 Speed master Analog Display Mechanical Hand Wind Silver Watch, price is $3,550.00.

14. Panerai


Panerai is an Italian watchmaker manufacturing company. It was in 1860 that this company got its official name in watchmaking world.

It has its headquarters in Florence. Its watches are manufactured in Switzerland. It is on the basis of 4 marketing lines that this company manufactures and makes watches. They manufacture watches based on special editions, contemporary editions, historic editions, Manufacture editions.

Their special editions are only issued for one single time in a year and many watch crazy people wait anxiously everywhere to grab the limited edition.

Likewise we have their 1936 California Dial Radiomor special edition and it was the best-selling edition by this company so far! Panerai and Ferrari entered into a 5 year agreement in 2005.

According this agreement, Panerai watches will carry the trademark of Ferrari and they will be produced by Panerai Company. This agreement launched a collection named as Ferrari engineered by Panerai. That collection comprised of 2 product lines and they were marketed as Scuderia and Garnturismo.

You can buy below products of this brand because they are most popular so far. No doubt this brand has entered in the race of Top Luxury Watch Brands.

  • Panerai Men’s Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Casual Watch, Color: Black (Model: PAM00104), price is $6,549.99
  • Panerai Men’s PAM00090 Luminor Power Reserve Black Dial Watch, price is $6,640.00
  • Panerai Luminor Marina Men’s Automatic Watch – PAM00441, price is $8,995.00

15. Chopard


Chopard is a top Swiss watchmaker company. It was founded in 1860. Lousi Chopard founded this company.

Initially, this company used to make watches for ladies and also pocket watches. This company headquarters are located in Geneva. It was in 1976 that this company started to make watches that comprise of signature free floating kind of diamonds in them.

Then during the time of 1980s, this company expanded itself and it then started to make sports watches and diamond jewelry. Then watch movement manufacturing facility was established by this company in 1996 year.

Before establishing this facility, this company used to make its watch movements from some third parties.

Now it has its own fully functional watch movement making manufacturing facility.

Luxury Watch Brands are many in number and among them we have Chopard.

Below we have mentioned this brand famous of all editions:

  • Chopard Happy Sport Round Ladies Stainless Steel Diamond Automatic Watch 278559-3002, price is $6,954.00
  • Chopard Happy Sport Mini Automatic 278573-3002, price is $6,499.00
  • Chopard Mille Miglia SCH-A80 Men Titanium Racing Square Polarized Sunglasses, price is $269.00

16. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin - Top 15 Luxury Watch Brands

Ulysse Nardin watch manufacturing company was founded in year 1846. Its foundation lies in Le Locle, Switzerland. This company is known because of making and manufacturing accurate marine chronometers.

These chronometers were supplied during the time of 1800s to almost fifty world navies. The very first advancement which this company made was in the form of Trilogy of time collection.

In this collection, one can see the incorporation of three different and varied astrological pieces. This collection watches were marked as world most functional watches because they used to deliver almost 21 distinct functions.

Do you know that Ulysse Nardin first got this training from his father, it is true! Then he further polished his skills by getting training from two master watchmakers. Ulysse made this brand as one of the Luxury Watch Brands.

Their popular editions and best-selling products are:

  • Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer 43mm Men’s Automatic COSC Watch – 263-67-3/43, price is $8,500.00
  • Ulysse Nardin Men’s 263-66-3/62 Maxi Marine Watch, price is $5,634.00
  • Ulysse Nardin El Toro Men’s Black Leather Strap Automatic Perpetual Calendar Rose Gold Watch 326-03.

17. Jaeger-LeCoultre


This Jaeger-LeCoultre is a watch and clock manufacturing company. It is based in Switzerland. It is founded by Antoine LeCoultre in the year 1833.

It was because of Antoine that this brand is now called as one of the Luxury Watch Brands. This brand has so far carried hundreds in number of inventions. It invented world smallest caliber and also world most complicated wristwatch.

Since the time of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s founding, this company has so far produced over and about 1,242 different calibers and they have successfully registered approximately and about 400 patents. Antoine LeCoultre invented the Millionometre in 1844.

It was the very first one instrument that was capable to measure micron. This invention had never ever patented. Then a keyless watch was invented by Antoine in year 1847.

It was the second one, simple and also a reliable one winding time setting watch.

Below are their most popular editions:

  • Jaeger LeCoultre Reverse Classic Medium Duetto Silver Dial Men’s Leather Hand Wound Watch Q2588420, price is $7,194.00
  • Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Q1358420, $7,450.00
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Ultra-Thin Men’s Automatic Watch 1358420

18. Piaget SA


Being Swiss luxury watchmakers, Piaget SA has made a big name in watchmaking industry. 1874 was its foundation year. The founder of this company is Georges Piaget and it was in the village of La Cote-aux-Fees that he founded this company.

His countless efforts made this brand as one of the Luxury Watch Brands.

This company was founded basically as a manufacturer and maker of watch movements. But later on it started to market its own line and category of watches during the time of 20th century.

Do you know that it was in 1874 that Georges Edouard Piaget set up and created his first workshop right on the family farm which is situated in the village of La Cote-aux-Fees, it is true! This Piaget brand became a registered one trademark in the time of 1943.

This family business opened its new factory in the year 1945.

One can try their most famous products which are highlighted below:

  • Piaget Tanagra quartz women’s Watch 16051,price is $1,550.00
  • Piaget Classic automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 13406 , price is
  • Piaget Vintage Swiss-quartz women’s Watch, price is $16,000.00

19. Cartier


This French luxurious manufacturing goods conglomerate company designs and distributes as well as sells watches and jewelries. It was in 1847 that this company was established and Louis-François Cartier is the founder of this top company.

It was till the time of 1964 that this company remained right under its family control. Its headquarters are in Paris. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Richemont.

Its famous men watches are Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Tank, Caliber de Cartier and Clé de Cartier. Its other men watches like Drive de Cartier, Santos de Cartier, Rotonde de Cartier, Ronde Croisiere de Cartier were excessively sold out. Its other top brands are Pasha de Cartier, Must de Cartier.

This exclusive watch brand has now been accepted to get included in Luxury Watch Brands category.

Their top and famous sold out products are:

  • Cartier Drive Automatic Grey Dial Men’s Watch WSNM0009, price is $5,175.00
  • Cartier Tank Solo Small Model Pink Gold and Steel Leather Ref W5200024, price is $4,865.51
  • Cartier Tank XL automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 3515 , price is $3,395.00

20. Breitling


This Breitling is one of the top Swiss luxury watchmakers which are in based in Grenchen, Switzerland.

This watchmaking company was established in 1884. Léon Breitling is the founder of this company.

This company is known because of its precisely made chronometers and this device was made and designed only for aviators.

Do you know that Ernst Schneider bought this company right from founding Breitling family in the time of 1979, it is true and then later on it was owned by Schneider family until the time of 2017?

Most of its designed watches are marketed for the purpose of diving or for the purpose of aviation.

Their Aviation models give and mainly offer aviation functions. People love the styling of these Breitling watches because of their polished cases and also large watch faces. These large in size watch faces are being designed and made so that readability can be improved.

As this brand is one of the Luxury Watch Brands, that is why you should try their most popular products too:

  • Breitling Navitimer 01 Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch AB012721/BD09BKCD, price is $7,860.00
  • Breitling Chronomat 41 AB014012/Q583-724P, price is $4,295.00
  • Breitling Navitimer 01 Stainless Steel 46mm Men’s Watch

21. TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer is a big name in the watchmaking industry. Basically it is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company. It designs them and manufactures its own watches. Not only that, they also make fashion accessories, eyewear and mobile phones.

All these items are manufactured right under the license which is given to the brand name Tag Heuer. Edouard Heuer founded this company in 1860. It was in 1882 that Edouard Heuer patented his very first chronograph and then in 1887,

he patented an “oscillating pinion”.

It is still in use by major number of watchmakers. During the time of mid-1940s, expansion was seen and noticed in its line of chronographs. This company then included full calendar function in its chronograph. These Heuer’s chronographs were one of the highest developments made by this company.

Note that “triple calendar” chronographs were used to be offered in stainless steel and 14 karat gold and also in 18K, 22K gold cases.

This subjected brand is officially called as one of the Luxury Watch Brands that is why watch lovers should try it’s below mentioned popular products:

  • TAG Heuer Women’s WAF1313.BA0819 Aquaracer Quartz Watch, price is $2,492.96
  • Tag Heuer Men’s ‘Formula 1’ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Dress Watch, Color:Silver-Toned (Model: CAZ1010.BA0842), price is $972.64
  • TAG Heuer Men’s WAR211B.BA0782 Carrera Stainless Steel Automatic Watch, price is $1,878.00

22. Louis Moinet


Louis Moinet was introduced to this world of watchmaking when he was still a child. He used to spend most of his time right by the side of his master watchmaker.

He had mastery in making classical objects. When he returned to Paris then he was appointed as a professor of Fine arts.

During this time, he also started to carry on with his practical studies as well as theoretical studies linked with watchmaking. He loved this watchmaking art and used to perform experiments on it passionately.

He then re-established the contact with his former master so that he can learn more about watchmaking art.

It was during his struggling career that Louis Moinet started to create some of the extraordinary clocks and that too for the eminent figures like Napoleon Bonaparte and Tsar Alexander first, as well as for American Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and King George IV of England.

He designed watches for King of Naples Marshal Murat and Marshal Ney. No doubt for these reasons, this brand is hence called as one of the Luxury Watch Brands.

This brand famous of all and popular editions are:

  • 20-second Tempograph, Black Gold Derrick
  • Derrick Tourbillon, Astrolabe Tourbillon, Dragon Tourbillon
  • Russian Eagle, Qatar Tourbillon

23. Baume & Mercier


Baume & Mercier, Swiss luxury watchmaker is a subsidiary of Richemont. It was founded in 1830. It was originally founded as “Frères Baume” in the time of 1830.

The two brothers Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume, they initially opened a watch dealership. During the phase of late 19th century times, this company successfully established and maintained its international reputation.

All of its timepieces have managed to set and retain accuracy records. This company has won large and maximum number of timekeeping competitions.

It then happened in the time of 1970s that Baume & Mercier launched shaped timepieces, Galaxie and Stardust models. Then in year 1973, Baume & Mercier came up with the model edition Riviera and this model became the world’s first one steel sports watch.

Top watch Brands are many in number and among best one, we have Baume & Mercier. So try these below mentioned most famous products:

  • Baume & Mercier Men’s 8485 Classima Swiss Date Watch, price is $1,242.80
  • Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10144 Classima Analog Display Quartz Brown Watch, price is $962.50
  • Baume & Mercier Men’s MOA08462 Classima Executive Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch, price is $1,145.09

24. Girard Perregaux


Girard-Perregaux is one of the high-end Swiss watch manufactures. Its origin date back to the time of 1791. It is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This company is the part of Sowind group and also a subsidiary of Kering.

This company has approximately 80 patents right in its watchmaking domain. It is the originator and creator of large number of innovative concepts. It was in 1880 that Constant Girard created and designed first one ever commercial wristwatch and it was made for German naval officers.

This production order was given by German Kaiser. Then in 2008, this company presents and shows prototypes of its constant-force escapement edition.

One of their high-end watch collections comprises of this well-known watch edition Vintage 1945. This watch comes with a rectangular case as well.

This Vintage 1945 edition is also back with the addition of three rose gold bridges and it is now powered by the Girard-Perregaux 9600-0019 and Mechanical self-winding movement.

If you have tried enough number of Top watch Brands then do try the most famous pieces and editions of this one Girard-Perregaux brand as well:

  • Girard Perregaux 1966 Automatic Ladies Watch 49528D53B171-IK6A, price is $14,394.00
  • Girard Perregaux WW.TC automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 49800 , price is $12,750.00
  • Girard Perregaux Ferrari automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 8020, price is $3,775.00

25. Glashütte Original


Glashutte Original is a luxury watchmaking company and it comes with a German prestige. It was founded in year 1994.

This company was mainly founded because of the privatization of the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe. This company is one of those few watchmakers that make their own movements. This company has innovated so far 10 proprietary movement innovations. The Swatch is the owner of this company.

This Glashutte is a German town and it is basically where this watch factory is located and based. Their Senator Sixties model was their most popular edition. It is till now that extensive watches models and editions are made by this company.

It is since 1994 that this company is making luxurious watches.

Below we have highlighted famous and best-selling products of this brand and it is due to such editions that this brand has been induced in the category of Top watch Brands.

  • Glashutte Original Senator automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 100-14-07-02-30 (Certified price is $8,450.00
  • Glashutte Original Senator automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 1-39-58-02-02-14 (Certified Pre-owned), price is $4,950.00
  • Glashutte Original Senator automatic-self-wind men’s Watch 100-13-02-02-04 (Certified Pre-owned), price is $12,950.00.

So which Top watch Brands you will be trying now!


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