Scariest Bridges

Are you afraid of heights? If yes, then these are the travel destinations where you may come across some dangerous and high bridges. I personally think, if the bridge is high but well constructed then there is no harm in walking or crossing it in your car. What if the bridge is hanging in two ropes that are connected to other going over a fast flowing river then I guess it is advisable not to even go near that bridge if you suffer from gephyrophobia (fear of bridges). Here is a list of Top Scariest Bridges in the World that we created for our readers who like to go adventurous trips.

List of Top Scariest Bridges in the World

1. Titlis Cliff Walk Switzerland

2. Royal Gorge Bridge Colorado

3. Marienbrucke Germany

4. Puente De Ojuela Mexico

5. The Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa Nepal

6. Iya Kazurabashi Japan

7. Qeswachaka Bridge Peru

8. Kuandinsky Bridge Russia

9. Hussaini Hanging Bridge Pakistan

10. Hongyagu Bridge China

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