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The trucking industry, something that many businesses and consumers depend on, is currently experiencing problems particularly in the UK with the HGV Driver shortage. As we become increasingly enveloped in the digital world, it is becoming more difficult to maintain the trucking industry efficiently and without intervention there could be severe economic decline as a result.

Essential Trucking Tasks

The primary way in which transportation has been used was for raw materials that had been obtained from various places including mines, farms and quarries. These are transported to manufacturing establishments where they can be processed into complete materials. Mobilizing the delivery of materials with vehicles has been a true revelation of the technological revolution. It allowed goods to be transported faster and in higher quantities. As you can see, a decline in this industry means a knock-on effect for several others. The fact that truckers are involved so early in the supply chain means that failure to maintain their status will lead to manufacturers not having their raw materials to work with, therefore a decline in supply.

Further Tasks

Of course, delivering the raw materials is the first part of the process. Trucking is once again utilised for the transportation of completed goods to businesses. So once again they are heavily involved in the supply chain and continue to be a great benefit for suppliers and businesses. At this stage, a shortage of drivers would mean less goods are delivered, more businesses are without supply and consequently a crippled economy.

Employees of the Industry

The employees of the industry are clearly the most important factor. Quite simply, it is becoming less and less desirable to be a trucker, despite wages having the potential to be quite high. This comes down to many factors including not hiring people without experience as well as the expenses of training to become a truck driver. Without the employees, the industry cannot thrive and thus the supply chain for businesses will be severely negatively affected.

Something has to be done to combat this problem, especially if it extends further across the globe and across different transportation methods. You can quite clearly see how much we all rely on this industry. It is the responsibility of governments and industry leaders to work together to find a solution. Sustainability is important in all areas of life whether it be environmentally or economically and following this principle is something that can be agreed by most. For more information on the HGV driver shortage, check out this infographic from Return Loads.


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