Funeral Themes

Funerals don’t have to be a strictly formal affair. And if the loved one who you’ve lost had a unique and interesting personality, then their funeral should be unique and interesting just like them. If you’re in the process of planning a funeral with local funeral directors, don’t feel like you have to conform to the usual norms. Give the person you loved so dearly a personal send-off to really remember them by. Here are just a few ideas for unique funeral themes.

A Sporty Themed Funeral

Did your loved one have a favourite sport or team that they supported? If they were a huge football fan, you could ask everyone to attend wearing a football shirt or scarf. The coffin could also be draped in their favourite team’s flag.

A Film or TV-themed Funeral

If the person who passed away worked in TV or film or had a particular favourite show, this could be your theme for the day. You could incorporate different quotes into the service or have them framed for at the wake. You could then ask people to record their favourite story about the deceased on camera at the wake, then edit it into a video to send round to everyone afterwards.

A Music-Themed Funeral

For the music lover, you can play all their favourite songs and pieces of music throughout the day and even hand out the sheet music for one with the order of service as a memento to guests. At the wake, you could keep the theme going by hosting an open mic session.

A Bookworm-Themed Funeral

Perhaps your loved one was a huge fan of reading, so they’ve left behind a large collection of books at their home. Intertwine this into the funeral theme and then you can hand out one of their books to each one of the guests for them to keep. It’s a lovely theme idea and saves letting all those good books go to waste.

A Travel-Themed Funeral

For those who loved to see the world, a travel-themed funeral could be just the thing for them. Decorate the venue with vintage travel memorabilia and put up photos of your loved one in all their favourite places. Instead of a book of condolences, guests can write their messages on postcards and then post them into a box for you to read later.

A Foodie-Themed Funeral

If the person who passed away knew a thing or two about good food or just loved to bake at every given opportunity, then you can certainly feature this passion in the theme of the funeral. Have all of their favourite food available at the wake and label them accordingly with a little note as to why it’s special. Alternatively, ask people to bring along some of their own baked goods and you can turn things into a bit of a light-hearted bake off!

A funeral can be anything that you want it to be, so whatever special hobby, interest or passion your loved one had, use that to shape the theme of the day.

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