Huawei Ban

All the parties have got badly hit by the U.S. Huawei Ban. Meanwhile, many at the stake are doing their best to save the bridges from burning on either side. Contrarily, Google has taken a neutral stance, facilitating the disputed handset maker with Android and a variety of apps.

Reuters report that Google has tried its best to set itself free from all the complications involved. Moreover, it has also suspended all of its businesses with Huawei except for those which are under the regulation of open-source licenses. Updates to Android and the most popular apps like Gmail are also there in the list.

Undoubtedly, Google and Huawei both are trying very hard to proceed with the matter. Mobile phones usually use a number of component source from a variety of different locations. Hence, the things have got complicated, making the trade tensions rise up and hitting ZTE hard over accusations that the company had violated U.S.-Iran sanctions. The ban can also be associated to an incident when Huawei CFO was arrested in Canada in December 2018.

Huawei has rightly called the plan a real bad one. But, it has consistently been defiant. The company has prepared itself over the years for the definitely impending trade tensions.


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