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When you live in Florida, and you own a car, you need to register it before you start driving it on Florida roads. If you haven’t registered your vehicle, you are given a grace period of 10 days to have your car registered. If not, you will not be allowed to drive. Other than writing your card, it would help if you also need to have a licence plate as well. There are so many types of them, and we will talk about them below and their purposes. In case you are a military veteran who wants to register your car, you will have to go to the Military and Veteran Information Section for further information. As you write your vehicle, you must ask questions like; is there a grace period for expired tags in Florida? With this, you will know how long it takes to renew your designation.

Car registration policies in Florida

When you’re starting your registration process, and you don’t have a licence plate or a record of your licence plate, you will have to pay a fee of $225 so the process can kick off. Once you have paid your payment, you will visit the local service centre with the following documents; proof of identity, proof that you have Florida insurance and a finalised requisition for a record of title with/without signup. But one thing you need to know is that some officers ask you to come with additional papers, so to be on the safe side, call the offices before you go.

Various licence plates and registrations in Florida

1. Standard plates

Standard licence plates are metal plates that offer drivers three licence plate selections. Some options you have to choose from are like; county nameplate, sunshine state plate and the In God We Trust plate. When choosing your standard plate, you can select any of the three. However, you need to know that not all of them are available in most counties in Florida. First things first, communicate with your tax collector so that they can tell you if a certain number plate is available or not.

2. Temporary licence plates

Just as the name suggests, temporary licence plates are plates that you can use for 10 -90 days. The usage period depends on why you want to purchase this particular plate. This plate is normally offered to new drivers who wish to drive their new vehicles and want to transfer the ownership of their car to someone else. With this one, the dealer can stay with the temporary licence plate for 30 days, giving them some time to transfer their ownership. Regarding a 10-day issue, a temporary license is offered to a dealer whose car is needed for registration purposes or when a vehicle’s identification number needs validation.


When you want to get your vehicle registered and you are searching for a licence plate, you need to go to a dealer who will explain everything to you so that you can get the appropriate licence, and so your registration process goes smoothly.


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