Business Growth

Business need to enjoy a steady growth to be successful. When they adapt and evolve, new opportunities can be thoroughly explored while the firm constantly expands ever outward. No company should be stagnant, and it’s great that a sense of renewal and rejuvenation can keep business owners optimistic and on their toes.

Still, this level of growth is hard to come by. It requires no short supply of wits, patience and of course, money. But how can entrepreneurs secure the latter? After all, it was only last year that business investment was at it’s worst since 2009, so some creativity might be required!

Consequently, Here’re 3 Ways to Fund Business Growth



When the prolific investors are playing hard to get, it’s time for an entrepreneur to turn their attentions elsewhere; to the general public! Even if the person on the street isn’t especially business savvy, it’s still true that everyone is a customer. People know what they want out of a business; what products they want to see, what services they want to experience. They’re all only a bit of cash away from becoming investors themselves.

Crowdfunding is a viable, if at times, controversial option. So long as the business owner is clear and honest about how they’ll spend the money, they can plug away online and try to draw in a crowd. Of course, this could be a way to legitimise an innovation and build confidence – if thousands of people are pumping money into a project, it must be good!


It might not sound too ideal, but some entrepreneurs fortunately have the resources to get things done themselves. While it could seem nerve-wracking, that level of agency and independence is nigh on incomparable. Entrepreneurs have a degree of control that they otherwise wouldn’t have had, because they’re accountable to only themselves with their finances.

Of course, a drawback here is that not every entrepreneur has the resources to do this. There’s also a bigger risk factor, in that any failures can see business bosses bankrupt commercially and in their personal life in unison. Still, for the right minded and sensible owner, this could be a worthwhile option to explore.

Small Business Loans

The thought of taking out a loan is enough to put anyone on edge. It can feel risky but depending on how and where people get their loans, there’s very little reason to worry at all. After all, some banks and loan companies are more reliable than others, so it’s important to really scout around for the perfect financial backer.

For example, reputable companies like Liberis provide small business loans that can really change the game for the budding business desperate to grow. There’s no extortionate APR rate here either, just a fixed cost that can either get an SME out of a jam or give them a boost onto greater prospers. Ultimately, this is a funding opportunity that’s too good to pass up!


There’re a variety of ways to fund a business, and the three listed tend to give businesses a bigger boost perhaps than other options out there. They also give entrepreneurs more control with their finances and business decisions and can help them grow at a strong rate. In the end, these are likely the best funding options out there at this time.


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