Winter Renovations

Winter is often a quiet time of year. People have fewer guests in their homes, and they find themselves cozying up indoors instead of going out. What better time to make some changes around the house?

Here are 8 winter renovations that can increase value and save you trouble in the spring.

1. Pest-Proof the Home

Insects will soon emerge and try to get into the house. Rodents are also problematic in the spring, as their numbers increase with the availability of food. Pest-proofing the house will keep the critters out and save you the trouble of an infestation.

Start by weatherstripping your doors and sealing up any cracks you find in their frames. Replace torn window screens and fix cracks in the foundation. Indoors, use some silicone caulking to seal up cracks in the baseboards and spaces around the plumbing. Brampton Pest Control experts recommend that you do this to get rid of potential hiding spots.

2. Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

Now is a great time to work in the attic because it’s nice and cool. Check on the insulation and look for damage. If it is dirty, crusty, or damp, it needs replacing. You might also be due for a replacement if you find that the house is always cold.

Call a professional for an inspection and ask for recommendations. Topping up or replacing your attic’s insulation can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

3. Make Small Kitchen Upgrades

Doing something as simple as changing a faucet or drawer handle can really modernize your home. These types of upgrades can add a lot of value for a relatively small cost. For just a bit more, you can reface your kitchen cabinet doors or switch them out for new ones. Is the countertop getting old? How about a backsplash? Look for sales at the hardware store while you have time.

4. Change Light Fixtures

Styles change over the years. But that doesn’t mean you need to remodel your home. Try switching out a light fixture or two to spruce things up. Changing the chandelier in the dining room can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your home. It will feel more modern while adding value for a fair price.

5. Steam Clean the Carpets

When is the last time you had your carpets deep cleaned? Nearing the end of the winter, rent a steam cleaner and revamp your carpets. Their true coloring will come back and you will free the air of dust, salt, dirt, and allergens that accumulated over time.

6. Do Some Painting

The air is drier in the winter, which is perfect for painting. Lots of paints go on sale in the winter, too. So, paint a room or paint some cabinets while you have the time. Wait for a warm winter weekend. By spring, your home will have a fresh new look.

7. Renovate the Garage

Who says you can’t renovate the garage in the winter? Now is the perfect time to get organized. Take the time to declutter your garage this winter and make it more functional. Consider changing the door, adding storage cabinets, or adding light fixtures that turn on automatically.

8. Finish the Basement

Finished basements increase the value of the home by as much as 80%. Give yourself a couple weekends this winter to make your basement more comfortable. Use vinyl or rubber tiling for a quick flooring solution that you can do yourself. Update the décor, change the furniture, and create a space that you’ll enjoy. Think electric fireplaces, movie room setups, or spaces for exercise. Basements have lots of potential.


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