AC System And Thermostat

One of the biggest problems we might encounter during summer would be a broken AC. Nothing is more bothersome than an air conditioner that stopped working, especially during warm seasons. After being used to the comfort of cool air, it’s difficult to cope with sudden heat when the system breaks down. Many causes affect the functionality of an air conditioner, one of which is thermostat problems that may occur due to lack of maintenance. AC systems are prone to malfunction when there’s dirt build-up and a collection of debris.

No matter how much we love the comfort the system gives us, we mostly fail to keep it up and running. It’s a common problem for most people, especially the busy ones who often forget to get their AC checked. Until one day it suddenly stops working, but before that, it would’ve had a few signs such as foul smells, strange loud noises, not cooling enough, and so on. These signs are already critical enough to call your local repairman. If you’re currently wondering why your AC has stopped working, here are a few reasons.

Why Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working

1. Clogged Filters

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with their AC is failing to clean or change the filters accordingly. Naturally, filters will collect dirt over time causing it to clog which makes the unit work harder to cool the room. Not only does it disrupt the function of the system, but it also raises your energy bills because the unit is using more electricity to push through.

2. Low Refrigerant

This issue can be normally caused by leaks and low amounts of refrigerant. There are instances where there wasn’t enough refrigerant added when the unit was first installed. To put it simply, the air conditioner won’t be able to produce enough cool air without the exact amount of refrigerant.

3. Mechanical Failure

Since the unit is made up of parts such as the compressor, fan, evaporator, and condenser coil, all of them can experience mechanical issues. The most inexpensive way to prevent mechanical failure is to do regular checkups and maintenance to ensure that nothing is nearing replacement. After all, replacing either of these items can break the bank, especially the compressor which is a valuable part.

Causes Of Thermostat Malfunctions

Not Receiving Any Power

An air conditioner that won’t turn on is one of the most known signs that the thermostat is broken. Several reasons such as dead batteries, poor connection, incorrect settings, and blown fuses can affect the thermostat greatly. Moreover, a tripped circuit breaker can also be the culprit as well as accumulated dirt. However, there are a few signs that you may need to replace your thermostat such as wrong thermostat readings, continuous shifting in temperature, can’t respond to changed settings, and others. Additionally, just like any other part, the thermostat may have reached its lifespan.

The Importance Of Fixing Your AC

Although the importance of an AC varies from one person to another, we can all agree that summers in Palisade are quite hot and dry which is why it’s essential to have the air conditioner in good shape. Having a faulty thermostat can lead to uncomfortable temperatures and the system might keep turning on and off causing more issues in the future.

These repairs may start affordable, but can get pretty costly when ignored. You can check out sites like this one for more information. For example, one of the signs that a thermostat is broken is when the air conditioner is short-cycling. In simple terms, it’s when the cycle ends before it can even finish, and the compressor suddenly shuts off causing it stress.

Moreover, it can get worse, because the compressor is an expensive part to replace and the process can also burn out the motors. In total, a malfunctioning thermostat can cause a chain of problems in the long run. This is one of the reasons why fixing the system as early as possible is important because not only does it save you money but time as well. Fixing an air conditioner may take some time when various parts need repair, but by identifying it sooner, you won’t spend another hour trying to figure out what’s wrong. It also enables you to get the most out of your air conditioner’s lifespan along with proper maintenance.

By making regular maintenance a priority, you’re ensuring its working capacity and longevity. The same goes for the thermostat as well since it plays a big role in managing temperature levels for our satisfaction and comfort. Although it may get difficult to identify issues, especially if you’re a busy person, it’s still beneficial if you can find out sooner than later. Making sure that the main control panel of the air conditioner (the thermostat) is in good shape aids in keeping you stress-free and ensures the functionality of the unit.


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