From time to time, there’s nothing quite like sprucing up your home with a few Home Improvement. Whether you own your own Home Improvement or rent from any of the upscale apartments across the country that are redefining luxury living, there are five simple projects that can make your living spaces look like new. Or even better, to look like studio apartments in NYC at The Cole apartments.

Check out these top five affordable home improvement ideas.

1. A Luxe Bathroom

This one is for the homeowner. Natural stones deliver an air of elegance to any bathroom, but you don’t have to drain your savings to achieve this look. Thanks to granite countertops, you can keep your cost below $300.

Removing and replacing the countertop for your bathroom sink is an easy weekend DIY project. All you have to do is tear out the old structure, repair the wall if needed, then place the new granite top in. Make sure to disconnect the plumbing during this project since you’ll have to remove the sink as well.

After installation is complete, you might need to touch up the paint, which makes this a perfect time to repaint your bathroom. The combination of a new countertop and paint will make this room in your house look brand new. By the way, if you need a painting service for your bathroom, check out Arran Construction.

2. Rollout Shelves in the Kitchen

Home Improvement

Aside from a child’s playroom, the kitchen can quickly become one of the most cluttered rooms in your home. Adding rollout units to your cupboards and cabinets is a simple home improvement trick that will make the room feel fresh again.

Not only do these handy helpers tuck all of your pots and pans out of sight, they make it easy to access them while cooking. Any hardware or home improvement store carries rollouts, and they are incredibly cost-friendly. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about breaking a lease with this improvement if you rent.

3. Change One Wall

This home renovation idea is as simple as they come. By simply painting or wallpapering one wall, you can redefine the look of any room. Pick a color or pattern that matches your existing paint, then simple cover one wall. Your space can look warmer, brighter, and more inviting in a matter of hours.

4. Welcome Ways

Making your home more inviting starts with the walkway. As guests prepare to enter your home, what do they see? If your home’s entrance could use a little grandeur, then outdoor post lights are an excellent addition.

These simple, cost-effective designs instantly brighten up any walkway while shining light on your home’s finer features. Plus, they make bringing groceries in at night a whole lot easier.

5. The Backyard

Home Improvement

Many homeowners are left with ample space in their backyard but aren’t sure what to do with it. Instead of sitting on the porch staring out at the lawn, why not create a backyard oasis? Screened canopies used to be expensive, but there are a wide variety  of wallet-friendly models available on the market today.

With a simple table and comfortable seats, you can enjoy an entirely new space without any tough remodeling in sight.


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