If you have a large room, especially a big empty room, you might feel overwhelmed. Decoration a large room can be exciting since a large room isn’t limited as a small room is based on furnishings and Decoration with colour palettes. Indeed, big rooms can be as hard to decorate as small ones, however decorating a bigger space is a nice challenge to have. Who doesn’t love more space anyway?

Regardless, you need to apply the basic design rules! Poorly planned and decorated large room can be unsightly as a poorly decorated small room. The tips in this article will have you decorating all your big, empty spaces with flair.

Furniture for Large Room Design

When you decorate a large room, it will help to arrange furniture when creating individual spaces that will work together as a whole. For instance, you may have a defined television-watching or conversation space, a small gaming area and a reading nook in a large living room but ensure that the decor of all the areas flow and work together.

Consider the scale of your room in comparison to the furnishings. If the room is large but has low ceilings, you should keep the furnishings low to create an illusion of height. Nevertheless, if your large room has high ceilings, low-to-the-ground furnishings can be lost in the space.

Abstain from pushing furniture against the walls in a large room as this may feel awkward. In a large living room, it will make people feel like yelling to be heard. Keep furnishings within three feet of each other as this creates a warm and inviting space.

Rounded, cushioned seating can look better in a large room than modern, clean styles. Skirted chairs and sofas with arms will add layers of warmth to a large, gloomy space.

Consider investing in architectural elements like mouldings or crowning when decorating a large room to enhance the large space. This works more effectively than furniture to create beauty and warmth in a large room.

Decor Considerations for Large Rooms

Large rooms don’t mean liberty for clutter. All elements of a large room are vital and should enhance the space. You can go larger with your decor elements to avoid clutter in a large room. Artworks can be of a bigger scale, and so can items such as potted plants and vases.
If you have a smaller collection of things that you want to showcase in the large room, do so in groups of threes – three frames grouped together, three vases, etc. The eye will instantly view these items and will keep them from getting lost in the space.

Utilise decor to define spaces in a large room. For instance, old reclaimed building columns can serve as a family “zone.” A bookshelf used as a room divider can also create intimate reading spaces. Rugs also work wonders in defining conversation and seating areas.
Decorating a new home’s big space

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