car accidents

As surprising as it may sound, the rate at which people get into car accidents is very high. The main reason behind it is that they drive recklessly, without following the proper driving protocols. In fact, 1.3 million people die due to car accidents all around the world each year. Furthermore, several of them are left injured or paralyzed for life due to the side effects of the crash. Moreover, the average death rate is 3,200 per year.

Luckily, several tips can prevent you from getting into an accident, such as consulting the long island accident lawyer in case things go haywire. Following these steps would be helpful.

Don’t Go in the Fast Lane


Driving on either the middle lane or the right lane will give you the access to more escape routes, in case there is ever a problem, which requires you to change your lanes or pulling out. Many of the accidents on the highway occur on the left lane. Moreover, highway patrol can see you more conspicuously if you are in the fast lane.

Pull Slowly into the Traffic

Be vigilant of the blind spots, which also include those in the rear-view mirror, windshield pillars or the signs on the roads. In fact, whenever you are making a right turn, look in both the directions twice minimum before proceeding. The vehicles can come out of nowhere, which poses a high risk to accidents, especially at busy intersections.

Watch the Traffic

Don’t just keep an eye on the cars that are in front of you, watch the traffic too. Doing so keeps you prepared in case you ever come across a problem because you are able to assess it beforehand. The chances of rear ending the vehicle in your front are also deceased.

Be Careful of the Blind Spots

Adjust your rearview and side mirrors so that you can get a panoramic scene of the view behind you. However, don’t rely on them completely. In order to not miss something, look directly into the undetected mirrors. Nevertheless, also consider the blind spots of other drivers around you, especially the trucks. The blind spots of other drivers are also equally important, minimize being around them to prevent accidents.

Don’t Sleep While Driving

Don’t Sleep While Driving

Deprivation of sleep can be very harmful, especially when you are driving. Make sure that you sleep enough before driving and facing the road. Listening to music if you are driving alone or talking to someone on the phone- speaker of course can also prevent sleepiness. If you don’t like doing either of the two, chew on some munchies and candies. Although, if you are super sleepy, it is best to stop your car at a pit stop on the highway and take a nap, or not drive at all in case you are going from home.

Traffic Lights

car accidents

Count one, two and three, before you proceed towards an intersection on a green light. Keep an eye for people, in case anyone of trying to pass you during the yellow light. Be careful heading towards the semis and extra careful driving next to the bigger vehicles and trucks. Since they cannot really see properly, due to the blind spots on their right-hand view. If you can’t see the side mirrors of the big vehicles, chances are, they cannot see you either.

Watch Out

Watch out for the pedestrians, which include school kids and the animals as well in the roadway. People suddenly pop out of nowhere or even within the vehicles that have been parked. Drive very carefully in residential areas and near schools.

Control Maintenance

Another way to maintain control is to move your seat as close to the steering wheel as you can. This way, you can rest your wrist on top of the wheel and your arm can be outstretched, with your back leaning against the seat. This ensures that your arms do not fatigue being in an optimum position for sudden maneuvers.

Car Limit

Know the performance limits of your car whether it is a minivan, a sports car or just a regular vehicle. Pay attention as to how your car reacts to certain situations. Keep these questions in mind, such as how long it takes for your car to stop when you apply max pressure and even the grip of your tires. Moreover, replacing the stock tires of the car reduces its handling and braking capacity.

Parking Area Collision

Collisions in the parking area are common, so be vigilant while leaving them.


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