Baldr Pro R Rechargeable Tactical light Green Laser sight Combo

The Olight Baldr pro R is a better, brighter, and rechargeable tactical light. It is even more strong during the day and night with a bright 1350 lumen max flashlight and a green beam, giving lighting coverage up to 200 meters, or blinding strobe perfect for personal safety and emergency. Simply switch between light only, green beam (<5mW) only, or both with the forward twist ring. This green beam is 5 times brighter than the red beam.

The Baldr Pro R Rechargeable Tactical light Green Laser sight Combo has a perfect flat surface on the bottom for the Olight magnetic USB charging. The inside battery can now be charged without having to detach the light while giving up to ninety-three minutes of power. Olight Baldr Pro R is compatible with most famous models. The Baldr R has a fast release lever for simple installation that snaps into place and locks backs for quick removal and attaching. Combining its strong construction with water and impact resistance, Olight Baldr Pro R is a remarkable accessory for law enforcement, military, and personal safety.

Features of Baldr Pro R

Some of the specs of this flashlight are similar to Baldr Pro but still, it has other included features that make it stand out.


Level 1 provides you the highest of 1350 lumens, Level 2 provides you 300 lumens, and Level 3 is the strobe, 13Hz at 1350 lumens with a 200m beam distance.

Laser beam

The output of the green beam is <5mW. It provides right aiming both during the night and day because of the green beam used in Baldr Pro R is five times brighter than the red beam.

Indicator and charging

Baldr Pro R magnetic charging cable can power the 1000mAh lithium polymer battery almost quickly without the hassle of taking out the battery. You can adjust the focus indicator using the tool provided with the kit.


It can simply attach and detached to Picatinny rail, GL rail, and long barrel setups.
Ambidextrous rear switches
To use this spec you need to leave the lockout mode first. Then using any side of your hand you can switch to perfectly momentary or continue-on activation. You can also access the powerful mode with the help of ambidextrous rear switches.


Ease to use

This product is completely rechargeable with a 3.6 1000mAh lithium polymer battery package. With its magnetic charging cable, recharging this light is very easy and simple. On a singular full charge, you can use this light for a highest time period of 93 minutes. All the added brightness modes are simply accessible via the selector ring which permits you to perfectly cycle through the white light on, GL beam on and white light, and GL beam off modes. Further, the ambidextrous rear switches provides you amazingly quick access to turning your light off and on while also permitting you to fast use the strobe mode.

Upgrade your weapon with tactical flashlight

Olight Baldr Pro R is a remarkable accessory for law enforcement, military, and personal safety. It is not just simple to attach and detach but it also gives all controls right at the fingertips with an ambidextrous power switch for quick activation.

If you want to upgrade your weapon with a tactical flashlight, ensure to pick the best standard light. Baldr Pro R tactical flashlight is one of the top weapon flashlights as per the users review on different sites.

Best tactical flashlight for weapons

Baldr Pro R is one of the top tactical flashlights designed for weapons. This light is top used on Glock rails or MIL-STD-1913. It is an upgraded version of Baldr Pro with a laser beam within the gadget. It also has been termed as one of the top Baldr weapon lights.

How to pick the right tactical flashlight

Here are some of the best things to keep in mind to buy tactical flashlight:

Light output

The tactical light is forever going to be very strong light given what it has been designed for and for whom. Having said that, brightness of light, light output is measured is something known as lumens. Lumens are a measure of the full amount of visible light to the human eye from a light source or lamp. This means that usually speaking the more lumens, the brighter the flashlight. anything above hundred lumens will generally do the job, but many if not most tactical flashlights these days are exceeding or approaching the 1000 lumen level, meaning they are very bright.

Run time

The run time is calculated in hours and is measured by taking the length of time it takes for the light output to drop to ten percent of the rated output on new batteries. Usually, the run-time will be calculated by brightness setting. Again, the brighter the setting you have on the tactical light, the less run-time the light will have before it runs out of battery.


Tactical lights are generally required to be used outdoors and as an outcome sometimes the elements such as sleet, water, and snow will be present.

The IP ratings system calculates this level of water-resistance. A flashlight with IPX4 protection will best enough to keep it from breaking it is splashed with water, while a rating of IPX8 or 7 will be best enough to keep the flashlight working if it is completely submerged in water.

End words

The Olight Baldr Pro R is the rechargeable flagship item of the Baldr series. It boasts a white light of maximum of 1,350 lumens like the Baldr Pro, but also includes GL beam for fast and right aiming. The GL beam emitter is integrated into the light head. This design leaves room for the charging port on the base of the light and support a remote force switch. The selector ring around the head permits you to simply pick between white light and green beam combo, or GL beam only. The Baldr Pro R contains two types of rail adapters to fit both Pictatinny rails and Glock. With the fast-install system, you can simply attach and detech the light to your defense setups.


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