Excellent Non-Alcoholic Drink Options – A Guide

Alcohol is a massive part of many societies and can offer a few benefits, subjective or otherwise. However, for many, it can offer more problems than it can solve.

There are many reasons why people opt not to drink alcohol; it can be anything from dependency to having to drive in the evening. However, everyone has one thing in common: they deserve some excellent options without alcohol, no matter where they are.

This piece is going to serve as a guide to offer some delicious alternatives to alcohol and might even make you look forward to having a mocktail over a cocktail!

Soda With a Twist

Plenty of us love a good cola or lemonade, but it can get a little boring if that is the only thing to choose from on the menu. Start incorporating your own twists to make things much more interesting. Not only are the combinations endless, but you can also try anything your heart desires. A few ideas could include:

• Lemonade infused with cucumber slices and elderflower cordial
• Lemonade infused with mint and lemon slices
Cola infused with orange slices
• Sparkling water infused with a selection of different fruits

You can also get your hands on all different kinds of sodas from around the world if you want to try something new, which could also double up as a lovely surprise to your guests if you are having a party!

Iced Tea

Iced tea is a fantastic alternative for cocktails, as it is refreshing, comes in many different flavors, and will cool you right down on a hot evening.

In fact, making your own iced tea at home could not be easier! Follow this simple recipe, and add in your own flavorings or combinations you are interested in until you find your favorites.

If you are having a party and are catering to non-alcoholic drinkers, you could even go all out and hire an iced tea company such as B.W Cooper’s Iced Tea. Your guests will be able to choose from a variety of different flavors and enjoy a craft beverage without the alcohol.

Frozen Smoothies

For the last of those hot summer days, a frozen smoothie can be just as refreshing as its alcoholic alternatives. Not only that, but they are fully customizable, which means you can have some fun with them. You can freeze and blend all different kinds of fruit, add in your own flavors and garnishes, and mix with a fruit juice of your choice.

For guests who are attending a gathering, why not create your own smoothie bar, so people can choose exactly what they would like – it can definitely add in some of the fun of making your own drink, and you might find that the alcohol gets left behind!

These are just a few ideas on what alternatives are out there for you on what you can provide guests who do not drink alcohol if you are having a party or a gathering!


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