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Most bathrooms from around the world feature neutral shades. In fact, many homeowners never even considered colorful options since they seem to be too risky. In reality, in a bathroom you can so easily go really bold and not go overboard with color.

If you do not know how to add some color to your bathrooms, here are some simple tips from Fix It Right, plumbing and drainage Canberra specialists.

Paint The Bathroom First

One of the most affordable and simplest ways in which you can add a lot of color to an area is to use paint. In a bathroom, it works incredibly well. Select the desired shade first. Then, use that shade to build it into the rest of the bathroom color scheme.

Use One Accent Wall

When you feel that adding a lot of color to your bathroom is just too much, simply do one wall. You want to choose the correct wall so that you would utilize it as a room showpiece. This means you need a very strong focal point. Alternatively, the focal point can be located across the accent wall.

Use Colorful Tiles

Whenever discussing tiles, the idea to use saturated tiles is really old. Modern bathrooms nowadays use some really colorful tiles. This is done in order to draw the eyes to a specific focal point. Basically, everything is used like in a spa environment.

Add A Shaded Tub

bathroom Shaded Tub

Most tubs are white. You rarely see one that is not, which is quite a shame since the tub is a great way to add some color to your bathroom. Choose out of different materials like painted porcelain or copper. No matter what your choice is, it needs to be great for years to come. Do not choose something that is just trendy and that you will hate in a few years.

The Vanity As A Color Pop

Color Pop vanity

There are 2 main options available when your goal is to add some color to the vanity. You can add colorto the base or at the top. In order to achieve proper balance, pick one of the sides and then simply keep everything else neutral.

The great thing about vanity colorful bases is that they can be DIY projects. They will work really well for the larger vanities that have shelving or cabinet space. Add a granite or colored marble countertop and you have a very good and cohesive end-design.

Colorful Towels

Colorful Towels

When you want to be completely safe, why not use colorful tiles? They easily add color and are available in practically all possible shades. You can buy some cheap and can so easily replace them when you want to get a different color pop.

Final Thoughts

As you can easily notice, it is not at all difficult to add some color to your bathroom. The options mentioned above are just some that can be taken into account. Since we are talking about a room that you spend a lot of time in, take your time when you make your final choices.

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