Bathroom Remodel

So,you are planning to remodel your bathroom to give it a more luxurious look; but fear to drop $25,000 on buying lavish items? If so, here is good news for all. Its not important to spend mega-bucks to transform your bathroom into a cool and relaxing place.

If we analyze the cost vs value part by Remodeling Magazine, we will come to know the standard bathroom remodel cost would be usually $12,500. While a huge-scale bathroom remodel would take more than $27,000.

However, if you are creative enough to apply DIY techniques, you can manage to complete in just $1000-$2000. But DIY techniques usually demand a lot of effort, time and concentration. In order to get a modern place in an affordable manner, homeowners prefer to hire bathroom repair contractors so they can complete the process in a timely and efficient manner.

Limit the number of tiles:

Tiling is an expensive addition to your home. It’s not even manageable by the homeowners themselves. They must hire a professional to complete the job more carefully. If you want to save maximum amount,it’s better to limit the number of tiles. You can consider focusing on some high-impact areas such as the floors or inside the inside your shower walls. As an alternative, it’s also possible to tile just one horizontal strip along this wall and then paint the rest of the areas.

If you really one to choose the ones that looks artistic and expensive, you can use them as an accent alongside some less-costly tiles. These artistic tiles would not only look more noticeable, but you would save a lot of amount by using here & there.

Select the granite counter-top colors carefully!

Today, there are many homeowners who spend money on granite countertops. The reason is, bathroom counters are quite small and feel uncomfortable. This kind of investment is reasonable as compared to the one you would spend on the kitchen countertops.

So,the question is, how you would be able to save money? First, look at its color. Using some neutral tones like tan, grey and brown are trendy, which simply means they are more expensive as well. The better idea is to consider a great number of colors which include some dark tones, which may go complimentary with the floors, walls and other accessories.

Repainting- an affordable way to refresh the interiors!

If you have a limited budget, then consider repainting. It would be the most cost-effective technique that can simply give a new and refreshing look to your bathroom.

Though, it’s a very time taking job, but you must be very careful because bathroom is the smallest room of your house; so, you need to paint it gently around the sink, shower, toilet, wall corners, windows and door.

Another important element to consider is the moisture. Mold and dew can easily damage the look of your bathroom, and temperature & humidity can further spoil your walls, mirror and countertops. It’s recommended to invest in some good quality paint which has a proper satin finish so it can look more durable and moisture friendly.

Update the fixtures:

Never ignore the little details of this most sensitive area of your house. You can consider updating different fixtures, such as lighting, sinks, towel racks, counter-and counter-tops for a quite small investment. These items may seem unnecessary to upgrade but updating them can create a huge difference in your bathroom. Check out the sites like Renovaten to find more wonderful ways to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Get used items:

Its possible to save money on buying used fixtures, like showers and toilets as well.You can get helps from different online stores like eBay, or craigslist site which sells different mirrors, doors, sinks and tubs in an affordable way.

Bathroom remodeling is a tough job indeed. It involves a lot of challenges and options which might look overwhelming to most of the homeowners. However, considering above-mentioned ideas can help you save a lot of money. If you have some more money-saving ideas, you can share them below.


  1. My wife and I have been looking to make some upgrades to our house now that we’ve been earning more money. I like your suggestion of updating smaller fixtures in the bathroom like towel racks and lighting because we planned to modernize all the bathrooms in the house considering how many modern features we feel were missing from them since we moved in. I’ll be sure to keep your article in mind when looking for more attachments and materials we can buy for our bathrooms. Thank you!


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