Laundry Tips

Laundry is the most boring yet an important chore. Even after the advancement in the technology, engineers are unable to come up with a robot that would do the laundry.

According to a survey, women spend 17 minutes daily doing just laundry; 102 hours per year. When they still don’t get bright and fresh clothes, they are frustrated. Here we will discuss the 6 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Bright and Fresh Like Spring.

Besides that, the utility sink for all the dirty chores is a very useful item. You can rinse out the little detergent cap after pouring it in. It can also be used for soaking, pre-washing and pet bathing. You could get a custom lid made for it if you want. Then it’s an extra surface for folding clothes etc. when not in use.

1. Clean your washing machine

Have you ever washed your face with a dirty soap and think that you have a cleaner face now? You would never do that. Same is the case with your clothes.

When you wash them in a dirty washing machine, and you think they are clean now, you are wrong! You must keep your washing machine clean as well.

Your clothes do so much for you; protecting you from cold, keeping you warm, adding style in your personality and much more. You should think about them too.

2. Update Laundry Detergent

If you notice that your clothes are not bright and fresh, try changing your detergent. Maybe the detergent’s formula is too old or too light for the clothes.

There are tons of options in the market. At times, the detergent is working just fine. At that moment, you have to understand the next tip.

3. Don’t stick to the single wash

Some stains are so strong that they need multiple washes for the treatment. They do not wear off easily. We always tend to get away with laundry and do not care about the clothes and the stain.

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Handle them with responsibility and go for another wash. You will notice a visible difference in the freshness of the cloth.

4. Treat stains immediately

Another mistake! Never leave stain untreated. If you completely want to get rid of it, treat it immediately. With time, they start sticking strongly with the cloth resulting in a difficult scenario.

It is then impossible to get rid of that stain, and you unwillingly have to throw away your favorite shirt. Try doing it if you don’t believe me. Take two shirts, spill stain on it. Treat one immediately and the other after some time. You will see it yourself!

5. Pre-treat before washing

Pre-treating a stain helps a lot. What you have to do is, treat the stain with the detergent only with hands and leave it soaking in water.

After 20 minutes, let it wash in the washing machine. That’s it! It is successful, mostly. You will see bright and fresh clothes after the wash.

6. Avoid stretching and restore shrunken clothes

Avoid stretching your clothes; they lose their freshness and quality. They are mostly stretched unintentionally when they are wet. Treat them with care. Don’t leave them dry for more than a day. They are also stretched when they are left for drying.
Shrunken clothes are another mess. You can treat dry clothes with baby shampoo or conditioner; they return to their original size.

Add a little bit of it into a container with warm water, leave it for 15 minutes and then let it dry horizontally. You will notice visible results.


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