Major Benefits of Sports Eyewear

Sports eyewear can be a stylish addition to your weekend outfit or your getup for a pool party. However, sports glasses have an important part to play in an athlete’s ability to perform at their highest level. They shield the eyes of sportsmen and women from harsh sunlight and impurities while also protecting them from accidental blows in contact sports.

People with less than perfect vision can enjoy physical activity and not be at a disadvantage with prescription sports glasses they can wear during activity. Prescription sports glasses offer benefits to both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts that cannot be ignored. Hospitals around the country treat thousands of victims of sports-related eye injuries every year. Sports eyewear can keep you out of harm’s way and boost your effectiveness on the field alongside other benefits such as:

1. Protection Against the Elements

If you will be out on the road or in the mountains pushing your limits on your bike, you will want to protect yourself from dust particles or insects that may fly into your eyes. A stray bug flying into your eyeballs can lead to a serious accident that can cost you some avoidable injuries. Foreign particles that find their way into your eyes can cause irritation or eye infections.

There are different kinds of sports eyewear designed for different outdoor sports. Those designed for biking will wrap around your face to keep particles from entering your eyes from the side. Your sports eyewear should be not only suited to purpose but be the right fit.

Oversize glasses will let in those hazardous impurities while an undersize pair will tempt you to take them off to ease the discomfort. If you will be engaging in activities that require a lot of high-speed movement, sports glasses with an elastic band that wraps around your head will offer the best protection.

2. Prevent Eye Injuries

Glasses also offer great protection against possible finger poking or blows from other parts of the body in high-contact sports. Given how sensitive the human eye is, being proactive in shielding them from such impact is very important.

A hockey pug or tennis ball making contact with your eye at a hundred miles an hour can result in substantial damage or permanent loss of the organ. A recent report revealed that the chances of eye-related injury are high among children playing baseball and young adults who play basketball.

Sports glasses are reinforced with polycarbonate to enable them to resist impact in a way ordinary glasses cannot. They have a higher resistance to both breakage and scratches to ensure your eyes remain safe throughout your activities.

3. Block Out UV Rays

Exposing your eyes to the sun’s UV rays for long periods increases your risk of contracting conditions like macular degeneration. You are likely to develop cataracts in the long term if your eyes are continually exposed to UV-B rays. More worryingly, exposing your eyes to the light reflected by seawater or snow while surfing or skiing can lead to photokeratitis even if the exposure is short-term.

And that’s not all; the skin on your eyelids or around your eyes can develop skin cancer if left unprotected from UV rays. Over-exposure to sunlight is also thought to contribute to pterygium, a condition that leads to the formation of a non-cancerous growth on the white of the eye. Some of these conditions can lead to eventual loss of vision and can only be fixed by costly and risky eye surgery. Sports eyewear can help lovers of outdoor sports avoid both these types of losses.

4. Improve Vision

If you’re long or short-sighted or are super-sensitive to light, you can get sports glasses fitted with corrective lenses. This will ensure you’re able to react to game situations or obstacles in your chosen sport in good time. You no longer have to play at a disadvantage to other players with full vision.

5. They Add Personality

Incorporated cleverly into your ensemble, sports eyewear can make you stand out in a good way. Sports glasses are available in all sorts of shapes, colors and styles. Whether you want to look cool in a conservative or in-your-face way, you will find sports goggles to match. You can get a pair with your chosen shade of subtle tint or the reflective tint that gives off rainbow colors when the light hits them.

Frames come in a plethora of designs to suit different shapes of face and stylistic preferences. Careful shopping will ensure you find the right type to go with your outfit or fit the mood of the event you’ll be attending.

More Than A Fashion Statement

Sports eyewear can help you make a memorable fashion statement, but that’s not all they’re good for. They will help give you optimal vision as you engage in your sports discipline of choice, improving your effectiveness. They also will ensure you enjoy your activities more safely.


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