If you run an SME, you are in a somewhat awkward position when it comes to marketing. Yes, you might have more financial resources than a startup, but you also aren’t necessarily in a position where you can start spending big on large-scale promotional campaigns.

This situation puts the onus on you taking a creative approach to how you get the word out about your brand. Here are several compelling reasons why taking up advertising space in and near supermarkets could help your business to make itself known especially cost-effectively.

Supermarket Advertising is More Novel Than Online Advertising

Though online advertising might be the more conventional way of doing things these days, it has become an oversaturated space, given how many different brands have flocked to it. It doesn’t help that ad-free subscriptions have limited the amount of online advertising opportunities.

However, as the idea of advertising in supermarkets is overlooked in comparison, it is ripe in untapped potential and makes it easier for your brand to stand out.

People Spend a Lot of Time at Supermarkets

People Spend a Lot of Time at Supermarkets

According to statistics highlighted by Millennial Magazine, 90% of customers regularly visit their local supermarket.

Furthermore, research mentioned by Influence Digest has recorded customers spending, on average, 40-50 minutes in a grocery store on an almost daily basis.

The takeaway from all this is clear: ads you place in supermarkets will be especially exposed to customers, who will also have more time to interact with them.

You Have Many Different Options With Supermarket Advertising

The Know Online Advertising website has provided a rundown of various supermarket advertising options you could consider. Those include advertising on the back of receipts as well as on shopping carts and trolleys.

However, the term ‘supermarket advertising’ doesn’t strictly have to refer just to advertising within the physical supermarket building itself.

The supermarket advertising opportunities available from the UK-based company Clear Channel, for example, include advertising on digital screens positioned near retail store entrances.

Ads in Physical Retail Stores Can’t Be Easily Avoided

When investing in online ads, you can’t be certain how much of that effort will largely be for nothing as a result of people using ad-blocking software or simply scrolling past the ads without paying much, if any, conscious attention to them.

However, many supermarket ads are in specific places where it would be difficult for them not to be seen.

You Can Spur Impulse Purchases

Think about it: when your target customers are in a supermarket, they are already in the mood to buy something and so don’t necessarily need too much persuading.

This helps to explain why advertising close to supermarket entrances can work well — especially as only 10% of people reportedly stick to shopping lists.

You could also potentially sway shoppers into buying from your brand if you arrange for adverts from it to be placed on dividers used at the checkout. After all, shoppers waiting here know that it’s a case of ‘now or never’ when wondering whether to buy anything extra on their shopping trip.


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