Top Romantic Hollywood Movies of all times

Every individual likes to watch romantic movies even I am fond of watching romantic films. These days it is hard to find a good romantic movie because the film makers are more after superhero movies as they have larger audience. You get to see plenty of rom-coms streaming on Netflix and we think they are quite nice but watching a romantic movie on a big screen is amazing. Here is a list of Best Romantic Movies of all times that you can see either online or by downloading them from a good website.

Most Romantic Movies of All Time

1. The Holiday

2. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman - Hollywood Romantic Movies

3. Love Actually

4. About Time

About Time - Best Romantic Movies

5. Ghost

6. The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer - Romantic Movies

7. Titanic

8. The 40 Year-Old Virgin

9. Dirty Dancing

10. Mary Shelley

11. Every Day

Every Day - Best Romantic Movies

12. Fifty Shades Freed

13. Valley Girl

14. Alita: Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel - Romantic Movies

15. 27 Dresses

16. Before Sunset

17. The Princess Bride

18. She’s The Man

19. The Ugly Truth

20. Valentine’s Day

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