Car Detailing

It is important to look after anything you own but there is a difference between simply cleaning your vehicle and Car Detailing. Car cleaning is something that everyone has to do at some point; even if it’s just to make your registration plate legible.

But detailing is a much deeper, more thorough clean.

Getting It Right

The basic option when washing a car is to get a bucket of hot, soapy water and a sponge. Then run the sponge across your car and hose it down afterwards. This is the typical quick clean that many people do at home.

Of course you should use car shampoo, buff the car towel and even use a spray wax to give it a little shine and protection. A quick vacuum can help too.

A step up from this is to use a professional mobile car wash Sydney. If you choose the right one they won’t just clean your vehicle they will detail it.

To class as car detailing there should be several stages

  • Snow foam – this removes all the loose contaminants from your vehicle.
  • Two Bucket Wash – washing the car with two buckets ensures that the dirt from the car is rinsed off in one bucket and only clean, soapy water is used on the vehicle.
  • The Clay Bar – this is very effective at removing difficult contaminants such as tar or even tree sap; things that standard car shampoo won’t get rid of. You can tell if you have hard to remove dirt by running your hand across the car, if it’s not smooth there’s dirt; even if you can’t see it.
  • Machine Polishers – these polishes the paint surface while removing any small imperfections. It is advisable to use a dual action polisher, especially if you have thin paint.
  • Wax / Sealant – a high quality wax or sealant is essential after you’ve polished the car. This will protect the beautiful shine that you have created and make it look better than when it was new!

But, don’t forget that to really detail your car you need to be applying this level of detail to all the elements of your vehicle. This includes your wheels, under the car and even in your engine bay. In fact many detailers will remove the wheels to get the best possible detailing on the wheel and the inner arches.

This also applies to the insides of your vehicle where the carpets aren’t just thoroughly vacuumed; they should also be shampooed, the seats cleaned with a suitable product and the dash polished.

The Benefits Of Car Detailing

When your car looks better than it did new you know you’ve done a good job of detailing it.
But, this is more than just making sure your cars looks amazing. Car detailing can help to maintain the value of your vehicle and protect the paintwork. This will also reduce the likelihood of corrosion which can destroy your vehicle. You’ll also find that it helps to keep your car comfortable inside.


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