Best Samsung Phones 2019

In 2019, it is anticipated that the world will get to witness major technological advancements in all the sectors. Yes, this will be a great year for smart phone users who always wait for the newer phone models to buy. Samsung is one of the biggest brands that produce high quality smartphones and it has a huge loyal customer base. Anyone who has been using Samsung phones would never switch to any other brand unless there is something exceptional being offered. Samsung offers wide range of smartphones and the purpose of creating this list of Best Samsung Phones and their prices is to help you with your decision if you are considering to buy a new phone in the new year.

Best Samsung Phones and Prices:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Price : $614.36

best samsung phones

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Price : $843.00

best samsung phones

3. Samsung Galaxy S9

Price : $567.49

best samsung phones

4. Samsung Galaxy S8

Price : $268.14

best samsung phones

5. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Price : $479.99

best samsung phones

6. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Price : $25.00

7. Samsung Galaxy J7

Price : $219.99

8. Samsung Galaxy J3

Price : $149.99

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Price : $697.98

best samsung phones

10. Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

Price : $379.99

best samsung phones

11. Samsung Galaxy S7

Price : $288.52

12. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Price : $284.95

13. Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Price : $221.91

14. Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus 2018

Price : ₹ 12,990

15. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Price : $720

best samsung phones

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