Modern automobiles come with a variety of options and car accessories that weren’t as readily available in years past. But with the advancement of technology, these car accessories have become more affordable, and many are becoming looked upon as “necessary” features for the modern automobile.

It wasn’t too long ago that nobody had access to navigation systems in their cars. In fact, the only way to get around in major cities back then was to learn the roads, ask for directions, or learn to read a map. But today, a great deal of the guesswork has been removed with onboard GPS systems.

Yet still, not all automobiles come equipped with onboard GPS, or even some of the older, more familiar items such as CD players that were usually found in cars of the early 2000 era.

Here, we’ll explore a few essential items that you’ll want to have access to in your vehicle today.

Magnetic Phone Mount

Magnetic Phone mount holds your Smartphone, Bluetooth device, or any other mobile device securely in place without cluttering up your dashboard. It is a convenient alternative to cradling your phone between you and the steering wheel or grasping it in one hand while trying to drive with the other. Check out the best magnetic phone mount in 2022.

GPS Devices

As mentioned, not all vehicles come equipped with onboard GPS today. But as tech has improved, many vehicles are beginning to be equipped with GPS as a standard feature.

For those who don’t have a GPS system installed, the primary way for motorists to navigate unfamiliar regions involves using a smartphone. And this can actually be dangerous to the driver and to other motorists.

Your smartphone is capable of doing many things, navigation being one of them. But often, these navigation systems are hard to manipulate within a vehicle, especially if you don’t have a mounting device for easy viewing.

The best strategy for a vehicle without a stock GPS system is to buy an independent GPS device and have it installed. Or, as an alternative, have a mounting device for your smartphone to minimize movement.

4 Way Speakers

We all love our music. And for those who love to crank the music while driving, sometimes the standard audio equipment that you find in cars today just doesn’t cut it.

Sure, standard sound systems will do the basic job. But if you really want to feel the full power of your favorite musicians, next to attending a concert, having a professional sound system installed is the way to go.

A professional sound system should include a variety of components, and four-way speakers are among the essentials.

Where a 2-way speaker covers the low and high range frequencies, a 4-way speaker covers all the bases, including dual tweeters, mid-range frequencies, and a subwoofer. Not only does this give you a more dynamic sound experience, but it also brings the concert right to the comfort of your vehicle.


With the need for networking around the clock for most businesses and for those who travel for work frequently, having WiFi access within your vehicle can be a total gamechanger.

Often when traveling, professionals use their smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. But this is actually very limiting as far as speed and reliability and when it comes to connecting multiple devices to the network.

In-car WiFi might seem like an outdated concept with Wifi smartphone hotspots, but you’ll also be burning through your data plan at a high rate while toggling between using your smartphone for a GPS and for fielding calls and texts (which you should never do while driving).

Having in-car WiFi eliminates the need to use your smartphone as a hotspot, improves speed and connectivity, and won’t drain your smartphone battery, keeping you free to play music from your playlist or use a GPS app.

The days of the 6-disc CD changer in the trunk of the car might be over, but the new and emerging technology made specifically for automobiles provides all motorists with a much more enjoyable driving experience.

If you’re a person who frequently drives for work-related purposes, or if you love to take road trips, having all of the above car accessories available will surely make your driving experience much more pleasurable.


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