Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets get very dirty without one’s knowledge, especially if you wear your shoes in the house. On a daily basis, it is quite common to drop a lot of food crumbs on the floor and track dirt in from the outdoors without even realizing it is happening. With time, it becomes a health hazard having it in your living room. With our daily busy schedules, we find it difficult to set aside time to clean these carpets. Cleaning carpets is boring, murky and tiresome activity, especially if you have several or a large one. You need not to worry though, as you there are proven ways of cleaning your carpet easily, details found on Squiffy Clean. Here are a few carpet cleaning tips that you can use to keep yours clean and free of pests.

1. Vacuum on Regular Basis

Instead of waiting till your carpet gets extremely dirty, develop a habit of vacuuming regularly. You can be doing this at least one day of the week. Vacuuming prevents dust and other particles from accumulating and saves you the trouble of massive washing. When doing so, ensure that you also clean your floor, walls and dust other areas of the living space. If you leave dust on other surfaces, you’ll have your carpet dirty within no time.

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2. Aerate Your Carpet

It is not a must that you use water and soap to clean your carpet. You can aerate your carpet at least once every two weeks. This requires that you get it out at an open space, use a soft brush to get rid of any crumbs and let it get some sun. The sun helps get rid of a lot of bacteria and leaves your carpet with a feeling of freshness.

3. Get Rid of Stains Immediately

Instead of simply scrubbing stains from drinks away, develop a habit of bloating any spillages instead. Scrubbing does not remove the stains; it only makes those stains stick even more firmly on the carpet. When you finally want to wash your carpet, the firm stains become very difficult to get rid of. If for instance you spill ink on your carpet, you can use an alcohol-based product and a damp cloth to clean the area. There are other cheap fixes like vinegar that you can use to remove stains.

4. Use Home Detergents

There are a lot of carpet cleaning products on the market that promise wonders. These products can be really costly, yet they work more or less in the same manner as your ordinary detergent. Instead of going for such products, just use the detergent that you use to clean your clothes with. You can use one that has a fragrance to have your house smell nice after you are through with washing your carpet.

5. Avoid Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

Though it is sometimes difficult to find time to clean your house and your carpets for that matter, if you want to save some bucks, then you will need to sacrifice some time to do the cleaning yourself. You can avoid watching that movie and use those two hours to clean your house. The good thing with doing it yourself is that you clean more than just your carpet. Hiring cleaners is very expensive.


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