Custom Packing Tape

As a business owner, it is a good idea to always keep the eyes open for new branding opportunities. Many times, these additional opportunities are not expensive or high-maintenance. A business that ships product often can customize the shipping materials and use them to promote the brand.

Here are a few reasons why customizing the packing tape helps increase a brand’s value.

A Refresher on the Importance of Branding

Branding is the process where a company attempts to create a symbol, phrase or name that becomes easily identifiable by sight for an intended audience. There are plenty of examples of companies that have successfully accomplished this feat. The golden arches and the apple are synonymous with two companies who are arguably the leader in their industry as well as overall. Once an intended audience associates a specific symbol, phrase or name with a brand, one goal has been accomplished. Then the branding has to remain consistent.

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How Customized Packing Tape Helps Branding

Companies who sell a good amount of products through eCommerce have an opportunity to market their business every time they ship a package. While it is true that it is more cost effective to purchase basic shipping materials, customized tape is an investment instead of an expense. There are already well-known companies doing this, so it must be working on some level. It can be argued that it was Amazon that really got this trend moving. In many ways, it has been Amazon that has helped eCommerce truly take off thanks to the incentives they provided customers. Free shipping, discounts, and available inventory were some of the incentives. Customers have taken advantage of those offers and Amazon saw a boost in business. The company started by selling books, and now, it seems like there is nothing that they do not sell.

Amazon’s Success

Amazon had to find a way to differentiate itself from the competition. One of its branding strategies started with customized shipping boxes. Then, they combined it with customized packaging tape. Today, there is a combination, but the tape has stuck, literally. Amazon uses the customized tape to brand and advertise. When Prime Day is on the horizon, the company advertises it on the customized tape. When there is a new version of Alexa or Amazon Fire TV, the company advertises it with the customized tape.

How to Succeed with Customized Tape

As a company’s shipment travels from the warehouse to its destination, a lot of people are going to see the box. The Custom packing tape helps the package stand out and it could catch at least one person’s eyes. Today’s consumer is a curious creature. If they see something and they become curious enough, chances are high they are going to go online and search for information. This strategy also helps with brand recognition.

Why it is An Investment And Not of an Expense

When trying to figure out the next branding campaign, it is a good idea to get examine what has been tried and what results were delivered. Running commercial ads is still the most expensive strategy, so comparatively, billboard ads are less expensive and deliver just as much exposure. Some companies that sell a lot of product online purchase customized boxes. This is a great tactic that can deliver results. Custom packing tape has shown to be just as effective. It is also less expensive than boxes. If a company is unsure, the tape is more cost effective compared to the boxes. Even though it starts as a test, it is still an investment, not just another expense.

Additional Benefits

A customer who receives their products on time and intact is not going to complain if it is shipped to them in plain boxes with plain tape. Consumers do notice when a company goes the extra step and customizes the packaging. If it is a high-end product, customized packaging is expected. For other products, it is a great touch that shows time and effort were put into the process.

There are plenty of tried and true branding strategies. There is no reason to skip over some of those strategies, especially if you can test them on a small scale with minimal costs.

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