Couponing for Beginners

2019 is here with all its glory and freshness. What better way to kick it off than work towards Couponing saving big bucks on groceries through couponing? Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about it. We are here to point you in the right direction.

Couponing is both simple and complicated depending on your mastery and level of commitment. Once you grasp a few tricks of the game, you will be on your way to brighter days ahead as far as grocery shopping is concerned. The opposite is also true.
Interested in becoming a couponing expert? Here are simple do’s and don’ts you should master.

1. Do Have a Couponing Goal

To really score big with couponing, have a goal in mind. What are you working towards? Do you want to cut your grocery bill by half or take advantage of couponing to help those in need? Whatever your goal is, write it down and let it give you a sense of direction.

2. Don’t Wait too Long to Get Started

Sure, it is a good idea to look at all possible places for coupons but in the interest of getting a feel of things, all you need are a few newspaper copies, some local store fliers and don’t forget to search on for the latest online coupons and discount codes.

Throw in a calculator in there and just get started. As you go along, you will understand how to look in a ton of other places like store mailings , grocery and drugstore websites, manufacturer’s websites, and coupon apps.

3. Do Keep Your Coupons Organized

This is also a great tip as far as couponing is concerned. Find the best organizational approach that works for you. You can consider clipping all the coupons out or clipping out only the ones you want to make use of. You can even go ahead and leave the inserts then clip them out when needed. Additionally, develop an effective filing system, a container like a coupon binder to hold the coupons and be sure to purge them regularly.

4. Don’t Ignore the Store’s Coupon Rules

Each store operates differently when it comes to couponing. Research your favorite store’s set of rules before you walk in with your organized set of coupons and come out with nothing or fall short of your expectations.

5. Do Understand Important Terms and Conditions

Like all other things in life, couponing has terms and conditions. You will be better placed if you grasped a few of those before you take on this worthwhile exercise. Be sure to explain them on the store before you check out if the need arises.

6. Don’ t wipe out the shelf for the fun of it

Sure, you have worked tirelessly looking for the coupons and getting them organized in preparation for perhaps the biggest deal of your life. But would you rather take every shampoo in the store just because you deserve it? What about other shoppers? Exercise some etiquette and call in advance before visiting the store if you have to go back home with every last item on your list.

Bottom line

Couponing isn’t really that hard. Once you understand the ropes, the rest will fall into place sooner or later. Who knows, soon you might be able to save enough to fly your family to the Caribbean Islands next summer!


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