Delhi Riots

We know that many of you must have watched the video of a Hindutva extremist mob setting a mosque to fire on Tuesday in Ashok Nagar. The video was extremely shocking because it happened in the capital of India , New Delhi and a country that claims to be a peaceful land for all the religions. The Delhi riots were actually fueled by a hate speech given by Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, against the Muslim protesters who have been on the roads due to biased citizenship law in India. Almost 20 dead and 200 injured till in this horrible Delhi religious violence. It is reported that an IB officer also lost his life, who was beaten, killed and burnt by a mob.

The riots turned out to be most violent in decades when Donald Trump, President of USA, was on a tour in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while hosting an event where Donald Trump addressed journalists and people, the other end of the same capital Delhi was burning. The Hindu extremists set fire to Muslim homes, shops and even petrol pumps.

The video of the mosque that got viral clearly shows Hindu rioters climbing the minaret of the mosque and placing their religious safron flag on top. The different gangs of Hindu and Muslims had clashes at many spots and police was seen doing nothing. In many footages shared by different individuals on social media, police was witnessed beating Muslims and forcing them to sing their national anthem and hail Hindu slogans.

Arvind Kejriwal who is running the government in the region expressed his helplessness through a tweet requesting for curfew and deployment of the army in the area.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted appealing for peace after three long days since these vicious riots started.

BBC reporters saw many Muslims in Mustafabad leaving their homes and carrying their belongings to take shelter at a safer place.

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