Federal Holidays

I always forget the public holidays in Unites States and often leave for work forgetting that it is a holiday.

I thought and decided to prepare this list of federal holidays in USA so that I and our blog readers can bookmark this page and stay updated about the coming public holidays in united States of America.

Here is a list of all the Public and Federal Holidays in USA:

Date Holiday
1-Jan-19 New Year’s Day
21-Jan-19 Holiday: M L King Day
14-Feb-19 Valentine’s Day
18-Feb-19 Presidents’ Day
19-Apr-19 Good Friday
21-Apr-19 Easter Sunday
27-May-19 Memorial Day
16-Jun-19 Father’s Day
4-Jul-19 Independence Day
2-Sep-19 Labor Day
14-Oct-19 Columbus Day
31-Oct-19 Halloween
11-Nov-19 Veterans Day
28-Nov-19 Thanksgiving Day
25-Dec-19 Christmas Day


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