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No matter what website you have, you probably have the dream of seeing your site in the first position on page one of a Google search. Whether you make it to position one or not, it’s always good to keep moving up in the rankings, and your Domain Authority (DA) score is one of the key elements to strategize for if you want that ranking to soar. What you can do to see that number ticking up this very month?
 Here are a few tips to help.

Why Domain Authority is Crucial

The concept of DA was created to help predict the ranking your site will get in an internet search. A site authority checker helps you understand how search engines, Google in particular, will see and rank your site.

There are many factors that go into determining DA, including the diversity and quality of site links, the number of social media mentions you get, the age of your domain, and brand search volume. This makes working on your site’s DA a great overall SEO strategy.

How to see DA Improvement in four Weeks

There are many factors involved in DA, but some are more crucial than others. Two are really foundational: quality content and quality links.

Quality Content

What is quality content? Sometimes it’s best to think about what it’s not. While Google is notoriously quiet about what exactly it’s looking for, it is happy to tell you about what they don’t want to see.

Search engines are looking for a level of trustworthiness and expertise that matches the information you’ve providing on a page. They’re also looking for enough main content to satisfy a user and for pages that don’t have a lot of distracting ads.

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In the past, a plumbing company might have done well with a 200-word post purporting to inform readers how to clear a clogged drain that had no real information, was clearly written by a cent-per-word hack, alive with pop-up ads, and was mostly just advertising for the company.

That kind of content no longer flies. A 1,000 word post by someone who has done real research and offers useful tips, with links to even more information and only minimal plugging for the company, will count as good content and improve the DA score of the site.

Quality Links

Your site’s link profile is crucial. Another great way to see your DA ranking go up is to make sure you not only have a diverse link profile, but a healthy one, as well.

You should have links to a variety of sites with good DA of their own, but your link building must also follow the guidelines set by Google; which determines how “healthy” your profile appears. Google has an extensive official list of approved and unapproved linking schemes, but in a nutshell here’s what’s important to remember:

  • Don’t buy or sell links
  • Don’t set up too many link exchanges
  • Don’t use automated link services
  • Do naturally incorporate links into text
  • Do make links relevant
  • Do link to useful content that readers might actually want to know

Don’t forget the backlinks. A link profile audit is an important tool that will let you find and either remove or disavow any spammy sites that are linking to your page.

Put it all Together

Don’t forget that these two aspects of DA work together. Quality content attracts links from other sites with good DA. If you’ve put up something useful, the Internet notices and naturally rewards you with good backlinks. Meanwhile, creating that quality content means linking out to sites that offer your readers something they want; which improves your content and your main link profile.

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You’ll see in your DA score rise quickly if you focus hard on producing content that real people want to see and will find useful.


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