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Staying fit has many benefits on both your physical and mental health. You may already be on the fitness path, or perhaps you’re just getting started. We’re sharing a list of our must-have fitness gear that make working out easier and in some cases, safer.

Comfortable Sneakers

For the vast majority of fitness activities, you’re likely to spend a noticeable amount of time on your feet. As such, a pair of comfortable sneakers with support is critical. However, there are so many styles and in different price ranges, how do you find the right fit for you? When looking for sneakers for fitness, experts suggest that you try shoes on and look for ones that give you the support you need and feel light on your feet such as the New Balance walking shoes. You want something that adequately supports your feet but doesn’t weigh you down at the same time. You should note that different sneakers are recommended for different purposes so running shoes may differ from ones best suited for dance cardio or weight lifting.


What you wear while working out is just as relevant as what you put on your feet. You want something that gives you enough freedom to move around, but that is also comfortable. In addition, look for active shorts, tops, and leggings with moisture-wicking fabric. As the name implies, moisture wicking activewear will “wick” any moisture, sweat, away form the skin, helping you feel more comfortable during your workout.

Post Workout Recovery Gear

After a workout it’s important to stretch and give your muscles time to rejuvenate. Foam rollers are a great investment and essentially an affordable, at home massage for your muscles. If you suffer from neck pain, try using a neck stretcher to reduce any neck pain relief after working out. It’s always best to see a health professional and get advice about any long term or intense pain.

Gym Bag

Everyone needs a good gym bag, especially if you’re working out before or after work and need to take a change of clothes, a water bottle, heart rate monitor, and more. Some of the best gym bags are the Adidas II Defender duffel bag or the Everest gym bag with wet pockets for swimmers.

The key to making exercise a habit is to find an activity or a few you love doing. Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym everyday. For example, if you grew up dancing, enroll in a few classes at your local dance studio. Regardless of how you exercise, make sure to have the appropriate fitness gear and listen to your body.

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