When we first heard about drones, it was likely in a military-related news story. These days, drones are everywhere. In fact, a number of businesses are using them to help improve the way they handle everyday tasks and manufacturing. Here are a few ways drones are expected to change the way business and manufacturing are conducted.

Delivery via Drone

Drone Delivery

Thanks to drones, your packages may soon arrive at your doorstep in a much different manner. Amazon recently unveiled the newest version of their Prime Air delivery drone, which will be capable of taking off, landing and sustained flight, The Verge reports. Right now, it’s uncertain how many customers will get their Amazon delivery during the launch of the drone system, but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty amazing to envision a drone flying onto your property, lowering to your doorstep and leaving your box of goodies.

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Help With Inventory Management

Another cool way that drones are expected to change the way companies run things is in the inventory room. As The Balance Small Business notes, instead of a team of employees manually checking and scanning inventory, drones have already been tested for their ability to fly through a warehouse, scanning the bar codes of every product in the room. As a bonus, drones can get this type of tedious work done very quickly.

Handling Tricky and Unsafe Manufacturing Steps

Because drones can be quite small and easy to maneuver, they may be used during the manufacturing process in unsafe or hard-to-reach areas. A drone can get to places that people often cannot and help to complete the product. They can also be used in manufacturing instances where hazardous chemicals are used and/or combined in a product. Once a product is manufactured, a drone can also help to inspect it; for instance, in the case of a small shipping container that is hard for a human to climb inside and check for leaks, a drone could be used to make sure it is safe and ready to go.

Filming Movies

Drone Camera

Drones will also change the way that videos and movies are made. They can capture images from a number of angles, they cost much less than the high-end cameras that have traditionally been used and they are so user-friendly, filmmakers can easily learn to control the drones and check footage directly from their smartphone.

If You Use Drones

Anyone who decides to use drones in their business or manufacturing process — whether it’s a huge giant like Amazon or an independent film maker — should perform routine maintenance in order to keep the aircraft in working order. It’s also a good idea to keep some basic drone parts on hand. This way, if the drone suddenly breaks, it might be possible to fix it on the spot and get back to work. For instance, it would be a good idea to stock up on silicone rubber o-rings — these are a pivotal part of what make the drones operate.

The more you learn about drones, the more interesting they seem to become. They really do seem poised to become a key part of many businesses.


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