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As Elon Musk continues to overhaul the social media platform he bought last year for $44 billion, he has introduced a new “X” logo to replace Twitter’s famous blue bird.

The X has been at the top of Twitter’s desktop version since Monday, but the bird continues to dominate the smartphone app. When asked what the renamed tweets would be called, Musk replied that they would be called X.
It’s another change Musk has made since buying Twitter, angering users and shutting down advertisers, leaving the microblogging site vulnerable to new threats.

Musk asked his fans for logo ideas and chose a logo he described as minimalist art deco, saying it would “definitely be tweaked.” He changed his own Twitter icon to a white X on a black background and posted a photo of the proposed design at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

“And soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and all the birds one by one,” Musk tweeted on Sunday.
According to Musk, the web domain will now direct users to

Tesla CEO Musk has long been interested in the letter after buying the company’s name from Twitter to X Corp in October. Changed.

The billionaire is also the CEO of the rocket company Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX. This month, it launched an artificial intelligence company called xAI to compete with ChatGPT. And in 1999, he founded the startup, an online financial services company that is now known as PayPal.

She also named her son “X” after singer Grimes, whose real name is a collection of letters and symbols.

Musk’s branded chat and message on Twitter is a strategy to write that the name of a “full app” is similar to WeChat in China, combining Bate videos, news, streaming and news.

Linda Yaccarino, longtime director of NBC Universal, said Musk took to Twitter to write PDG, she released a new logo while she was at it, she left Twitter because It’s a good idea, explained Paolo Pescatore, technology and media analyst and founder of PP Foresight.

“People keep getting frustrated and frustrated by a multitude of applications. Track usage from a specific location to improve engagement and eventually make their job easier,” the statement said.

As specialists, we have also previously focused on a large portion of the Twitter public that does not have a social media format for or associated with a number of Musk’s Outras musicals, citing a limitation on the number of these days.

He told Twitter that he made an “extremely aggressive decision” 15 years ago, meaning that Musk “made a significant decision after his competitors were in the loop,” f. professional.

Twitter users are aware that some people are being referred to Alphabet, a major company owned by Google since 2015. Facebook was rebranded as Meta in 2021 but didn’t have much success.

Mais Pescatore explained that he’s currently ready to launch a radical branding campaign that’s bringing Musk here.

“The suppression of Twitter’s existence makes it difficult for other users to understand,” Pescatore said. However, it may take a while for the company’s sentiment to dip when new. In a new phase, there was a period of trouble with most of the riots and attack on the new public.

It was troubling as he sifted through a number of Musk’s prelims and also reached the limits of tweet sightings, which had been met with criticism for pursuing the sources making influential and cultured announcements


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