Whether you just want a new look to the facade of your home, or you need to do a fibro house makeover to eliminate dangerous old cladding material, you have lots of new choices and options. Trends in siding and cladding are changing and you might find that a new design idea is just what you’re looking for.


One of the biggest trends is to get creative with color. Home exteriors no longer have to stick to various shades of brown, and as products are taking on the spectrum, more and more people are breaking conventions with new color choices. We have create a list of 51 Best wall paint designs.

You can go with nearly any shade of paint if you are working with wood, or even vinyl siding. Materials that you generally don’t paint or stain, like brick, stone or prefab cladding boards, can be purchased in many more colors than ever before. Don’t settle for just a pop of color with shutters or window boxes. Do an entire wall (or more) in a bold color and your house will stand out with flair.

Mix and Match

Another fun trend is that you don’t have to look at your home as an all-or-nothing project. Areas can be clad in brick while others have a totally different look with stone or timber. People are trying new things for their homes, and no longer sticking to one option for the whole home. Perhaps you want a rustic looking garage done in batten board but prefer a sleeker look of vinyl siding for the house. Anything goes.

The Industrial Look

For something more dramatic, you can do all kinds of wonderful things with corrugated steel, exposed mechanics and industrial windows these days. This is definitely more of a style trend rather than one based solely on cladding material choices.

Think trendy downtown loft, with exposed ducts, beams and commercial-grade fixtures. It’s not a look for everyone, and it may not be all that well received in a conservative suburban area. Still, it’s a new modern direction that more and more homeowners are taking with their exterior makeovers.

The Vintage Look

There is another side to the industrial look, and that is to go the other way and put an old-fashioned spin on your home. Raw stone and weathered barn board can create an authentic farmhouse look with a lot of texture and interest. Add in vintage fixtures like lights, door hardware and primitive decorations to complete the look.

You can scour antique shops for these materials though finding real barn board can be a challenge. Check “for sale” ads in rural areas for some options. Farmers who tear down old barns are often looking to sell the wood rather than waste it.

More Man-made

Manufactured materials that mimic the look of sought-after natural cladding like stone, wood or brick are gaining in popularity. Most no longer look obviously “fake” anymore, and it’s a great way to have the look you want but with the advantages of man-made synthetic materials. Cheaper, easier to install, more damage resistant and offering a wider range of colors than natural products, siding that is made from cement, resin or other pressed fiber materials are all the rage. Cultured stone looks extremely natural but it is formed and shaped for easier installation, as another example.

The biggest overall trend is that people are actually willing to give their homes a face-lift with new cladding, which used to be considered too big a job for the average person to tackle. You are no longer stuck with the outside façade of your house. Give your home a new look to boost your curb appeal, and take advantage of new trends and ideas.


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