Decorate Your Blank Walls

When building your home, it is common that some walls may be left blank. You have no idea what to do with them. Even if you get a hint of decorating them, you may not know where to begin and how to go about it.

Decorating your blank walls does not need any unique or prior knowledge. Playing around with colors and other valuable or non-valuable materials may give a beautiful wall. If you are struggling to decorate your walls, then here are tips to guide you on picking the right décor for your home.

1. Use Millwork

Millwork is prefinished wooden construction materials, like wooden boards or moldings. These materials give an outstanding outlook to your house. They are inexpensive and can be easily mounted up. It has various ways of installation. Making it firm on the wall may strip off wall coatings when you want to remove it later.

Consider using finishing nails so because when you want to redecorate some other time, it will be easier to remove them. You can use as many types of millwork as possible, even mixing them up will give you stunning results on your wall.

2. Design Using Wood Pallet

Installing wooden pallets is an easy task. It can be a great project for the weekend. You don’t have to go to the shop to buy them, instead recycle the dumped and old pallets. You need to paint the wall with a dark color before sticking the pallets. It is because the pallets may not ideally bump to each other, thus making the inside paint visible.

3. Create a Beautiful Wall with Wood or Stone

Decorating your wall with wood and stones gives it a natural look and feel. Stones can be cut and painted with different colors. While wood is for creating structures with different shapes and colors. It does not have to be in a particular form. Cutting the wood and stones in various shapes make your wall more appealing.

4. Add Mirrors and Lighting Fixtures

Fancy lighting fixtures can add a little flair to your home. It even gets better when used together with a mirror. Lighting fixtures reflect on the mirror, which lights up the house. You can also set aside a budget for framed prints, which gives a beautiful feel than the original artworks.

5. Add a Map

Maps are simple to make, and you can use plain papers. The process can be exciting, although it needs a lot of patience. You need to identify the type of maps that will suit your wall, the color, and the map size. Walls can either be mounted with collage maps or separately cut maps. The procedure below is ideal for creating maps.

  • Lay down the material on a flat surface
  • Measure it according to your preferred size, or based on the size of the wall.
  • Use any map of your choice, for any country.
  • Use scissors to cut out the maps, cut the little islands as well.
  • Place sticking glue on the surface as well as at the back of the cut out maps
  • Put the cut pieces on the surface, place the maps geographically.
  • Mount it on the wall and enjoy it. You can display it alongside travel books and photos.

6. A House Plant

A plant in your house will give it a natural and earthy feel. Some house plants cover the whole wall as they continue to grow inside the house. Others are straight and do not need room to grow.

You need to water the plant daily to remain fresh and look healthy; otherwise, it may wither. A healthy, well-maintained plant will liven up your room.

7. Consider Using a Chalkboard Wall

Decorating your walls with chalkboard paints makes your home tidy. Your visitors or children can write short messages on it, creating good memories. When painting the wall, you may learn or discover new skills. Making you show off your designs, you can change your décor anytime you wish and add a personal touch.

Choosing the right chalkboard and chalk markers may take you a lot of time. You need to scrutinize your walls. And get the right choice of the chalkboard.

8. Hang Baskets and Plates on the Wall

Hanging baskets and plates on the wall can give you a unique home setting. You may choose different colors of plates and baskets, mixing them up in unique patterns. Be careful not to damage the walls by using direct nails, use hooks instead.

Wrapping Up

Decorating your walls does not necessarily need to be done by a professional. Learning these tips will give you the general knowledge required to close up that blank space on the wall of your home.


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