Facebook has made advertising to be within reach of both small and large businesses. It is also easy and you can do it even on a small budget. No wonder most businesses are now advertising on Facebook, the more reason you shouldn’t be left behind.
Here are five benefits you can get by advertising using Facebook.

1. Has More Reach

Facebook has more than 1.8billion users, and you are definitely likely to find your target audience there given that 80 percent of those who use the internet use Facebook. Therefore, when you are advertising on facebook, there is a high chance of reaching your target audience since most people visit it daily, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Also, people spend a lot of time on social media with a large number of those being on Facebook where they post comments, photos, like comments and make status updates.
A lot of traffic is from smartphone users as more people own the device. These people tend to check their social media regularly using mobile apps.

2. You Can Easily Reach Your Target Audience

Each business has a target audience and so should yours. These are people to whom you want to sell your products or services. Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to reach your target audience since you can customize your ad to reach specific people based on age, location, interests, and gender among other qualifiers, thanks to Facebook’s Ad Manager.

3. It Is Among the Least Expensive

Advertising in the mainstream media is expensive. An ad on TV or newspaper can cost you a lot. However, with Facebook and other social media, the story is different. You can spend less on advertising and still get results. For instance, you could budget to spend $10 per day and still reach many people.

Also, when advertising using Facebook and other Social Media, you do not incur additional costs. You can set your budget and stay within it, whether it is daily or lifetime budget.
Besides, you also get immediate results since you start reaching people right away.

4. Has Measurable Results

You can track results when advertising on Facebook and so you don’t have to guess whether it is effective or not. For instance, you can compare the sales you generate from the ad with the amount you have spent, to get your return on investment.

You can track conversions, clicks, and impressions that you are receiving from the ad.
Since the ads are real time, you can see the results and make changes right away if need be. This is unlike other forms of advertising such as print and TV ads which you cannot make adjustments right away if they are not producing the desired results.

5. You Can Use Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is showing of your Facebook ads to people who have just visited your website, accessed your mobile app or given you their emails. If a person visits your site, you can re-engage them using a Facebook ad and they will be more likely to return to the website and possibly make a purchase.

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Remarketing helps to increase the conversion rate and boost engagement rates.
The purpose of advertising is to make sales. Therefore, you want to turn your website visitors into customers.

One way to do this is by tagging your website visitors with cookies to create your remarketing audience. You then use demographic and behavioral filters to make sure you reach those people who are interested and can buy your stuff, consequently leading to more sales.


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