Smartphones are ubiquitous. Of the 7.6 billion people in the world, there are about 2 billion who use smartphones. That’s a huge market, and of course there’ll be companies that create unique and cool gadgets for that lucrative smartphone niche.

Some of those gadgets enhance a smartphone’s existing features, and others add extra functions. With the plethora of accessories available in the market today, you’re sure to find just about any gadget for any situation or need.

If you’re interested in some examples, here are six great gadgets for smartphone users.

Best Gadgets for Smartphone Users

Qi Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is a recent development in mobile technology. There are several versions of the tech, but the prevailing one is Qi. Though Qi is not new, many mobile manufacturers are integrating it into their latest smartphones, making it a standard feature.

If you have a Qi-enabled phone, you can recharge it by placing it atop a wireless charger. Technically, wireless chargers still have wires, but instead of jacking those into your phone, they connect the charging pad to a power supply or outlet. But the phone itself no longer needs to be linked to any wires.

If your phone doesn’t have Qi but has a Lightning or a micro USB port, you can attach a wireless charging receiver to your phone.

Phone Signal Boosters

It’s not always that you’ll have access to Wi-Fi, and in those cases, your phone may automatically switch to cellular networks. Cell signals are still the default means of communication for phones.

However, you may still experience irregular phone service, especially in places with low cell tower saturation or with too many mobile users using the network at once.

One effective remedy for that is a phone signal booster. These devices grab any cell signal from the air—no matter how weak it is—amplifies that signal then redistributes the strengthened signal around itself, effectively creating another source of cell signal.

Some boosters like the Wilson cell phone booster kits can be outfitted for vehicles, RVs, or even boats. With a kit like that one, you’ll always have excellent reception no matter where you go.


Gaming on a smartphone can be fun, and it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re bored. But touch-screen controls aren’t efficient or ideal. The oil residue in your hands can stick to your screen and muck it up.

You may want better controller support for your smartphone. There are several gamepads in the mobile aftermarket that can deliver an optimal gaming experience for mobile users. Some gamepads are simple attachments; others actually mimic the shape and buttons of a gaming console controller.

With a gamepad, you can get the most out of your mobile games. You may even rack up some serious high scores while you’re at it!

Clip-On Photography Lenses

Digital cameras may take better pictures than smartphones can, but the latter is handier, lighter, and easier to use. Plus, there are accessories that add flexibility to your phone’s camera.

Many of those accessories are clip-on camera lenses. Like it says in their name, you just clip these lenses on to your phone. They also come in several varieties for different situations.

Feel like you want to capture a breathtaking landscape? Clip on a wide-angle lens! Maybe there’s a distant object you want to zoom into. Then use a magnification lens.

Pair these lenses with a good camera app, and you’ll be taking pictures like a pro.

Smartphone Projector

Smartphones may have HD video playback, but movies will still be constrained to the size of your screen.

Most movie buffs will agree that great movies should be seen from a big screen, not from a measly phone. However, most people may not have the time to visit the cinema or watch from home, or they may have missed a movie’s airing.

In that case, consider getting a projector for your smartphone. With one, videos on your phone can be projected onto any white wall.

A lot of projectors are made of cardboard, and the rest are typically handy and lightweight, so you can always take the cinema experience with you wherever you go.

Smartphone Keyboard Projector

Not to be confused with the previous gadget, keyboard projectors lay out a virtual keyboard on any flat, smooth surface. It’s perfect if you’re used to typing on keyboards instead of on your phone screen.

Some keyboard projectors can be attached to your phone, while others are just separate devices. They’re usually smaller than smartphones, so they can fit in your pockets as easily as your phone can.

A selection of the best virtual keyboards can even double as a mouse. Plus, they’re compatible with tablets and laptops as well.

Ready for Some Upgrades?

Just when you think that you’ve discovered everything that your phone can offer, new gadgets pop up in the market, expanding the range of features in your hands. That’s why smartphones are so powerful.

Smartphones are like the jack of all devices. With the right gadget attached, they’re able to do just about anything.


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