fear of technology

One requirement you’ll likely be faced with at any job is to learn new technology. While you may be skeptical, at least give it a chance and allow yourself to explore the possibilities it has to offer. Instead of running away from it, embrace the challenge and put yourself to the test in the workplace.

Stop worrying about what could go wrong and focus on all the benefits that may come from learning these new abilities. Give yourself a chance and believe in yourself and it’ll likely be a lot smoother of a ride for you. Don’t let your past mishaps dictate how your future will play out and also remain positive throughout the process.

Share Your Hesitations with a Knowledgeable Co-worker

Take the time to speak with someone who’s knowledgeable about tech and share what’s going through your head and why you’re fearful of it. They may be able to express opinions and viewpoints you’ve never heard of or considered before when it comes to the matter. Stop trying to fight it and instead be open and seek out help and assistance so you can overcome your fears.

Focus on what it can do for You in the Office

Make a list of all the ways you’re currently using technology at work and how it helps you. For example, you don’t have to worry about a damaged hard drive or lost data because of companies such as Secure Data Recovery that can get you your information back in no time. You no longer have to attend to your tasks worrying about what you’ll do if you run into issues and all your work gets wiped away instantly. Stay focused on what technology can do for you to help you work through your fears.

Start Experimenting Outside of Work

Overcome your hesitations with technology by beginning to experiment with it in your personal life. You can transfer these new skills and experiences to the workplace,and you’ll likely soon become more comfortable with it at your job. Think about exploring features on your phone, improving your home using technology or going out and shopping for new gadgets that are on the market that you can mess around with. Go look at new tech in-person and allow yourself to get more familiar with the subject matter on your own time.

Read Blogs & Take A Class

Education is typically the best way to overcome your fears and make yourself feel better about a topic. Start reading tech blogs regularly and informing yourself about the advantages and how it can improve how you function in the workplace. In addition, go a step further and sign up for a class either locally or online and increase your knowledge and skills by being taught the ins and outs from an expert. It might be easier to learn if someone is teaching you and you’ve committed yourself to learning more about a specific area.


It’s okay to be fearful of technology, but don’t let it stop you from expanding your horizons on the matter. Use these tips to help you overcome your fears and get to a better place with it. Be proactive in your approach and may find you truly enjoy technology the more experience you gain.


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