Better Terms on Your Mortgage

A mortgage can be a stressful thing to stare down. But, unfortunately, many of us know the problems that can come out of bad terms on your house payments. Higher interest rates, higher house payments: more debt.

If you want to score a mortgage you can be proud of, here are the best ways to help yourself.

Work On Your Credit

Although the credit score necessary to buy a house is only 650: you shouldn’t buy a home at this credit level. The lowest you should let your credit score sit when you’re house shopping is 700; if your score is lower than this, work and take the time to get your score up to something better.

The best way to work on your credit is to pay off all debt, ensure that your credit cards are paid down on time and more than the due amount if you owe a large amount, and avoid opening new accounts. Your credit score affects a lot, and working to get it over 700 can give you the chance to get your interest rates low.

Ensure Your Work History Is Great

A poor work history puts you at risk of defaulting on your home loans. If you know you’ll want to buy a house in the next five to ten years: start working on this now. Try to find a job that pays well that you can stick with for the next five to ten years at least.

This shows lenders that you’re reliable, you know what you’re doing, and you’re not going anywhere any time soon. Ensure that you talk to your job about raises or more financial help if they’re not paying you what you need. Don’t get stuck in a minimum wage job to try and help your mortgage rates: it won’t.

Try A Shorter Loan Period

Instead of 30 years: consider going down to 15 years for your mortgage. Although this nearly doubles what you’ll have to pay every month, it also ensures that you pay far less interest on the home. This can be a great perk for anyone with money but doesn’t have the credit history or work history to back it up.

Shop Around for Lenders

Don’t go for the first lender you meet until you’ve shopped around. Although this advice usually tells people not to go for the first house they see, it also holds for the first lender. Look for a lender who has what you need and offers terms that you find acceptable. If you don’t trust them, or they don’t seem to have your best interests at heart: keep shopping.

Have A Great Down Payment Ready

The best way to help get better terms on your mortgage is to have a good downpayment on hand. This downpayment will show that you’re taking this seriously, it will lower your monthly payments, and it can lower your interest rate. A large down payment can also help those who have a lower credit score since it shows that you have the capital to be able to afford the home.

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