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Wedding season is drawing to a close. But it’s not too late to start taking steps to look your best for wedding season next year. Just as athletes train during the off-season to get ready for next year, so should the folks who take wedding seasons seriously — like you do.

You’d never steal the show from the bride, of course, but what’s wrong with making bridesmaid dresses look good? Or having the confidence to make an impression on the dance floor? Or looking through all of the tagged wedding photos on Facebook and smiling, instead of cringing? You want to look great for wedding season, so get started now!

Getting in Shape: your Workout Plan

If you’re going to get in great shape, you need a good workout plan. That means plenty of aerobic exercise to trim that waistline and get your heart rate up, and it also means getting some anaerobic exercise to build a little muscle.

Try to make working out a part of your routine. If working out is a habit (or a hobby) rather than a chore, you’re more likely to stick with it and reach your goals!

To avoid getting too worn out from all of the working out you’re doing, try alternating the areas of your body that you work on. If you’re working out your arms on Monday, try working out your legs — either with weight training or a nice long run — on Tuesday. Remember to take occasional days off, and remember to use the right supplements to ensure that your body is pumped up for your workout and gets help recovering afterwards.

For a pre-workout, consider your goals and your options. A Mesomorph pre-workout is a great way to prepare to make muscle gains. After your workout, look for high-protein solutions that will help your muscles recover quickly, so you’re less fatigued — and more ready to work out again — the next day.

Getting in Shape: your Diet

A good workout plan is essential to getting in great shape. But no matter how hard you work out — and even if you take exactly the right supplements and follow exactly the right plan — you’re not going to see the results you want unless you have your healthy diet working for you, too.

That’s because the amount of calories, fats, and other only-in-moderation nutrients we take in can be drastically larger than the amount we burn when we work out. Running a mile can burn between 65 and 100 calories (it will be a bit more or less depending on your body). Eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and you’ll take in 1,000 calories or more. Outrunning a bad diet is just about impossible.

So eat right this winter. Look for foods with low-calorie density, so that you can eat until you’re full without eating until you’re fat. Eat a lot of unprocessed foods, or “whole foods.” Processed snacks are full of empty calories, fats, and cholesterol. Whole foods such as vegetables and unprocessed meats are a better choice. They’ll give you all of the nutrients you need and fill you up without loading your body up with the bad stuff.

Wedding Season, Here We Come

Spend your time wisely this winter and emerge into summer with a body that’s ready for the beach, the bars, and — of course — the wedding dresses! When the wedding photographer points his or her camera at you, you’ll be glad that you did!

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