Gym Essentials

The new year is fast approaching and with this comes a flood of people signing up to the local gym and vowing to finally start taking their fitness seriously.

During January, gyms see a significant increase in their number of sign-ups. By February, a large percentage of these new gym members have given up and never set foot in the gym again.

To make sure you aren’t one of the millions of people who quit going to the gym after just a few weeks, it’s good to get all of the gym basics. These are the items that will help you along your fitness journey and help you stay motivated to reach your goals.

So, what are the gym essentials that everybody should own to set themselves up for success? Here is a list of the top six items you’re going to need.

1. A Great Pair of Sneakers

Your choice of footwear makes all the difference when you’re working out.

A great pair of tall sneakers will keep your feet comfortable so you aren’t distracted at the gym when you’re exercising. Having supportive shoes may even boost your workout and help you to lift heavier and run further.

Make sure you find shoes that support your feet and ankles correctly. They should be the right size and tied up correctly.

Your gym sneakers shouldn’t have a significant heel raise. When it comes to gym shoes, flatter is better! This ensures that your feet remain flat during heavy lifting exercises and can roll properly as you run.

2. A Large Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important at any time of the day, but it becomes particularly important when you’re exercising.

As you work out, you lose water in your sweat. The more intense your workout, the more you sweat, and the more you will need to rehydrate.

Get yourself a large water bottle to take with you to the gym. Make sure it’s an easy to open, leakproof option so you can quickly grab a sip of water in between sets.

If you can, find a bottle that is free of toxic plastics, such as bisphenol A (BPA).

3. A Clean Towel

You’ll probably need a couple of towels while you’re at the gym. The first is to wipe down the gym equipment before and after use, and the second is to dry yourself after a shower in the gym bathroom.

Even if you don’t shower at the gym, you can use your second towel to wipe down before you head home. You could also take a packet of baby wipes to freshen yourself up after an intense workout.

Remember to wash your gym towel after each workout so it doesn’t make your bag smell. Try and get several towels so you always have a clean one to hand if you work out multiple times a week.

4. Headphones

High-quality headphones are a gym essential for everybody. Although most gyms play their own music, it might not be to your taste.

This is where having your own headphones comes in handy. You can set up your music and get your head in the game, ready to complete a great workout.

Music can be a huge motivation when you’re working out. Putting on an upbeat playlist can give you a motivational boost to run an extra mile or squeeze in an extra few reps.

Find a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones so you don’t have to worry about any wires. You don’t want to accidentally pull your headphones out as you’re exercising.

5. Deodorant

Even if you don’t sweat very much, it’s always a good idea to spray some deodorant before you head to the gym. You might also need a quick spray after you’ve showered if you’re heading straight to work after your workout.

Instead of using a body spray, try to find an antiperspirant for your gym bag. Antiperspirants work to reduce sweat production as opposed to just covering up the smell.

6. Lifting Gloves

Lifting gloves help to improve your grip during heavy lifts, such as the deadlift or bench press. They provide more friction between your hands and the gym equipment to prevent anything from slipping out of your hands, making your workouts much safer.

You can get a high-quality pair of lifting gloves for less than $20 and they will last you for years. Plus, you can choose from a range of colors so you don’t have to compromise on your fashion! When you’re buying, look out for gloves that are sweat-proof and anti-slip.


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