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When you hire talent, it can be difficult to know the best way to go about finding and vetting candidates. Sure, there are plenty of online resources that offer advice on how to hire good people, but what if you don’t have time for all of that? It’s hard enough running a business without having to take time out every day for hiring. In this article, we will go over 7 tips that will help make your hire more efficient and easier for you.

Provide a detailed job description that includes the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications

Providing detailed job descriptions helps to make the hiring process easier and more efficient for you. This is a great way to help your employees know what they should be looking for when it comes to searching online, or interviewing candidates in person.

If you provide detailed job descriptions, then this will not only save time on interviews with people who are unqualified but also clarify expectations for the person who is hired. It will also help you hire better people because this improved process will weed out anyone who doesn’t have the necessary qualifications or skills.

Schedule interviews on the same day

When you have a bunch of interviews to do for a position it is best to schedule them all on the same day. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out of time and trying to find a spot for one more person in your schedule.

When doing this it is important that you try not to hire anyone until every qualified candidate has been interviewed. It can be tempting when interviewing someone who seems like they would be a great hire and you have an opening to hire them before interviewing everyone else. But this is not the best thing to do when it comes to hiring.

Create a list of questions for each candidate and stick to it

Creating a list of questions for each candidate and sticking to it is important in order to hire the right person. This way, you know that every applicant will get asked the same set of standard interview questions which makes comparing one applicant with another simpler.

When creating this list, think about what kind of information you are looking for when hiring someone. In addition to general questions such as salary, benefits, and so on, you should also include questions that are focused on the candidate’s skills.

Review resumes in advance and prepares notes

This will help you get a good idea of who your applicant is before they walk through the door for an interview which can save you lots of time in terms of figuring out who is the best hire. The more time you spend preparing, the easier it will be to hire people and have that process go smoothly for everyone involved. The most important thing in hiring someone new is making a good decision so make sure you take the time necessary (before or during) to do that.

Use an interviewing checklist to help you remember what you need to ask

When you hire someone, it can be difficult to remember all the questions that need to be asked. So a good way of making sure you cover every base is by using an interviewing checklist.

This should include questions such as:

  • What are your strengths? Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
  • How would a co-worker describe your work style and personality to us if they were giving feedback about you at the end of this interview?

Write down your impressions immediately after the interview so that they are fresh in your mind

It is also very important and effective to write down your impressions of the interview right after it has happened. This will help you remember all of their qualities and thoughts on various topics so that when you are looking for hire, they can be easily compared with other applicants.

After writing down these notes about the candidate’s personality or strengths or weaknesses (and whatever else is important to them) it is a good idea to add them to the list of questions for that position.

Ask about salary expectations, vacation time, etc., upfront

Clear expectations and expectations are the most important thing when it comes to this process. That is why asking about salary, vacation time, and what type of work hours they want upfront will make every hire smoother as well as allow you to hire better people.

Hiring qualified talent is a difficult task, but you can make it easier by following these simple tips. This article has provided 7 neuroscience sales principles that will help you hire better employees and reduce the time spent interviewing. Have you followed any of them yet? If not, we encourage you to give them a try! Whether your hiring needs are big or small, if you hire talent with High5 you will find exactly what you are looking for.


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