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Once every eighteen seconds, 200 per hour, or 4,800 per day. Take your pick.
That’s how often a burglary occurs according to data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

This statistic is as harrowing as it is unbelievable. You love your family – that’s a no brainer and that is why you are willing to fight tooth and nail to ensure their security. While there are various areas for possible security threats to your family, your home is the place where security threats are most heightened.

And there are instigating factors for such threats. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte conducted a study of convicted criminals. In that study, over 60% of the convicts admitted to being deterred by homes that had security installations in one form or the other leading to these convicts targeting homes that had no apparent security safeguards. Clearly, not having a security installation in your house is similar to shooting yourself in the foot.

Choosing a Home Security Service

Making the wrong security choice for your home is as bad as not having any security at all. The reason? Well, security companies that render poor services place your family in grave danger, and your money and resources are wasted.

So, in choosing a company to meet your security needs at home, you have to tread carefully and wisely. Here are some tips for choosing a home security service that will inure to your benefit.

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1. What are Your Needs?

Conducting a full appraisal of your security needs is the first step in deciding on a suitable home security service. Consider the area or zip code you live in.

Find out the kind of security threats that are prevalent and how they occur. Consider the prevalence of home invasions.

Will a wired or wireless security system be the best? How about a DIY alarm system? Are you interested in Home automation or just getting security cameras? Perhaps you want the whole enchilada? Getting data on these questions and more will help you make an informed decision.

It is a good idea to observe the kind of security features your neighbors have and the experiences they have had with security threats. More often than not, you may not be well-poised to conduct a professional evaluation of your security needs.

That is why finding a company with experience and expertise in the security world is a great place to start.

2. Find a Good Security Company

Finding a good security company is the key hurdle to clear. Reading ratings and reviews is a good place to start. You can check out homesecurityseek.com. They have good content to help you in making up your mind concerning your home security. Here are three questions you should ask in considering a good home security company.

1. What is their track record? Learning about the services the company you are considering has rendered over time will give you valuable insight into the kind of company they are.

2. What do they bring to the table? Take a good look at the comprehensive list of available security services the company renders. There may be unique factors that set some apart.

For instance, there are companies that provide “crash and smash” which ensures that a monitoring system is alerted even when a security system is destroyed.

Others also provide Geo-Location services which allow for advanced system automation functionality based on GPS cellular locations.

3. How good is their customer service? If a company delivers good products but has poor customer service, you are bound to experience a torrid time with them.

Some companies seem set on milking clients dry and moving on to the next client. Other companies genuinely care and want to be a partner. Find out about the availability of the security company and their warranty as well.

Find out about the responsiveness of their customer service representatives. You wouldn’t want to be left hanging confronted with security threats.

Wrapping Up

The question is not whether or not you should get a home security installation. When you think of how secure your family would be that question becomes secondary. The real question lies in how to choose a home security installation that addresses all your needs.

So, don’t neglect due diligence. Ask all the right questions to ensure no security threat catches you napping.


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