Alcohol Rehab

They always say that realizing that you have a problem is the first step, and that is very true here. Now that you’ve realized that, it’s time to move onto the next question that would hound anyone: What do I do now? The answer is really quite simple: go to an alcohol rehab, but you need to tell the people around you that you love that you have a problem. This is most important as they are your support mechanism and will be your primary support in getting better.

This is a difficult thing to do, but after admitting you have a problem to yourself, you need to admit it to others as well. In many cases, it is other people in your family and friendship circles that will approach you first, which makes it easier for you. Trying to handle your drinking problem alone is like trying to carry a hundred pounds on your back. You might be able to handle it for a while, but you’re not going to get that far in the end.

More than that, you’re likely to find that your friends and family are already aware of your problem. They may have even been covering for you in an effort to help you conceal your issue. Upon being told that a loved one has a drinking problem, most people are very compassionate and want to help you heal.


The next decision is purely up to you, but depending on what type of rehabilitation you want, this may be necessary. You have to make the decision as whether or not to tell your place of employment.

This is an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one that you need to answer. If you believe that you might experience any form of harassment or prejudice over informing your workplace of your disease, then this is something you might want to discuss with Human Resources, first and foremost, if at all.

Your local HR department is full of people who are trained specifically in how to deal with employees who may be suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Many HR employees are also more tightly bound by policies to keep this information to themselves, as much as possible. If you feel that no one at work will take this well, however, then it’s not crucial to inform them.

However, if you end up choosing to check yourself into a rehab facility for any length of time where you won’t be able to leave, your workplace has the right to know why you’re going to be absent for an extended period of time.

This is where we get into the next decision as to what to do. You need to decide as to how you’re going to get better. This is purely a personal choice and is entirely up to you, and this is the question you need to ask yourself: Can I get better inside or outside a rehab clinic? The answer to this question depends on your support mechanism and whether or not you believe that you can get better with alcohol easily accessible at grocery stores, liquor stores, etc.

If you’re confident that you can stop drinking and continue on in a normal environment, then you can consider regular programs for quitting drinking and staying off it. If you’ve heard of twelve-step programs, well this is where that comes in.

The most important thing in remaining at home for your program is to have great support, both at home and at work, to ensure that you get sober and remain sober. Friends and family are important, but so are established programs out there, which are designed to help you. These organizations will help you to change your patterns of behaviour and also give you “sponsors”. These sponsors are people who have gone through alcoholism themselves and are there to be a sounding board and provide support to keep you from reaching for that bottle.

Your second choice is to choose an inpatient treating program which means that you are going to check yourself into a rehab clinic, such as the Betty Ford Clinic. Some are higher priced than others, but they all supply the same basic service, which is to get you clean and sober. The term during which you stay is determined in part by you, and by an assessment that will be made of your condition.

Remember, that even though this might seem scary, this is something that is your choice, not the other way around. Staying in a rehab clinic means that you will have the full use of an entire staff, who are there to take care of you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Remember though, that regardless of your choice, the success of your treatment depends entirely on you!

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