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RVing is not just a lifestyle but a way of living. Living in a motorhome does not only mean saving money but also fulfilling your dream to travel while at the same time living a normal life.

Many dreams of a life full of travel, but not every dreamer will dare to really move into a house on wheels and go where his eyes look. As a rule, failed travelers are most afraid of domestic inconveniences. However, the owners of these houses on wheels are convinced.

The following are old buses, vans, and even trucks converted into a moving house and can be comfortable compared to your one-room apartment inside a noisy neighbourhood. The age of these vehicles is what makes them more interesting.

1. This old ford bus took the owner couple 1.5 years to convert into a moving house. You see, you can literally build your own RV. There are many vehicles similar to this one being offered at ZeRVs. A little repair and conversion would give you the same luxury. The kitchen has all the functions of a kitchen found in an apartment. There is also a portable shower so water is never a problem. This bus owned by a couple in Australia is literally a dream-come-true for the owners.

Home on wheels

2. This Volkswagen Kombi is perfect for a small family of two. The iconic van not only represents but also both simplicity and luxury. If you want the award-winning movie “Little Miss Sunshine”, you’ll discover how a big family was transported by this no-joke van all throughout the film. Converted into an RV, this can have a full-size bed for two and enough room for two people to move and live.

Family with home

home on wheels

3. This Thomas old school bus is perfect for a big family. Thomas Built Buses are one of the most iconic and classic school buses in the United States and owning one and living inside it is really a dream-come-true. The bus is just so huge that you can have a full living room, sleeping quarters, shower, and kitchen.

“We lived in a 500 sq m house. and they were dying of boredom. Now my four children and I live in a 25 sq m camp. And we’re happy!” the father of four said.

Home on wheel

Home on wheel

4. Here’s another happy soul living in a Volkswagen T3. Apparently, he is not happy with his life and his apartment so he decided to convert an old Volkswagen T3 into a moving home. “My first project is The Volkswagen T3,” he said.


5. Another beautiful RV converted by this couple. A Dodge Van converted into a moving house. “We recently finished making a car a house on wheels. I still can’t believe it!”. The woman obviously can’t believe that they are living in their dreams after converting their van into an RV. What a brilliant move! Dodge vans are one of the most popular vans to be converted into an RV due to their durability. You can find many of them at ZeRVs.


6. This old Mercedes van is a real winner. By just looking at the interior of this van we could tell this is far better than an apartment. And the owner said, “The project is almost finished”. He means it will be better when he is done converting.

7. Can you buy an apartment for $12,000? Obviously not but this guy just did! He converted his van into an apartment, or possibly better than an apartment. It cost him $12,000 and the work lasted for 10 months. The good thing here is that he won’t pay any mortgage or rent, no electric and water bills, and no nosy neighbors. Think about if you can do the same, it’s really a no-brainer.

8. This could probably be the cutest RV I’ve ever seen so far. The vehicle is small but if you look at the owner resting on his bed, you can tell that he really enjoys it. And the way how this small thing is converted into a moving house is insane. It looks like he has everything around him inside his RV while taking a nap near the beach. You can’t do this inside your New York apartment!

Home on wheel

9. This is probably the best and coolest RV in this list. Just take a look at the wide space inside adorned by elegant-looking furniture. This is way better than any apartment room in LA. Although this lasted two years for the owners to build, the result is simply amazing.

10. This 1966 GM New Look Bus is what we call a mansion on wheels. Just take a look at the inside and how the king-sized bed is positioned. Your partner could sleep at the back uninterrupted while you are doing your chores. This massive classic bus is a gem.

You see, having a mobile home and living in it is not really a difficult decision to make if you plan it well ahead. At ZeRVs you have many choices. You can buy a smaller van if you are alone or opt for a bigger one if you have a partner. Living while travelling has many benefits not only financially but also emotionally and psychologically.

There are a lot of things you can do while travelling to earn extra money. You can be a travel blogger, sell stock photos and videos, or write short stories and articles about your daily travels. There is no limit on what you can really do.


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