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Want to save money and time right now? Try buying in bulk! When you see the hottest deal of the day, take advantage of the massive savings. Here are some professional tips on buying in bulk.

Why Buying in Bulk Saves You Cash

You might wonder why you should buy large amounts of products at one time? After all, what are the advantages of bulk purchasing for the everyday shopper? Simple. For items that you know you will need large amounts of or will have to purchase repeatedly, buying in bulk will save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. The biggest advantages of bulk buying are twofold:

You save money on products by paying a much smaller per unit price.

In other words, if you usually pay two dollars for toothpaste but can buy five tubes for five dollars, you will save money in the long run. The same can be said about any number of items from paper products and clothing to makeup, electronics, jewelry, and shoes.

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You save time

This is the one aspect of bulk buying that people don’t always consider. For example, let’s say you have three kids that drink a lot of milk. You can either make several trips to the store each month to buy milk or you can buy a few gallons of milk at a time at a lower per unit rate. As long as the milk does not go bad, you are saving money. You also save money you would have spent on impulse buys – those little unnecessary purchases that we each make every time we walk into a store that add up quickly.

Save on Shoes and Clothing

We traditionally consider bulk buying grocery items and paper products. After all, you will be using toilet paper, toothpaste, and soap for the rest of your life. However, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing clothing and shoes in bulk.

For example, if you exercise or run often, buy multiple pairs of your favorite shoes at one time. Why? This will minimize the wear and tear on the shoes and ensure that you protect your feet for a longer period of time, instead of wearing a single pair into the ground.

If you have kids, you can buy a favorite shoe in a few sizes to save money each time your child’s feet grow. If your spouse has a favorite brand of shorts, socks, or shirts, take advantage of major sales and purchase several items in different colors. School uniforms are another great bulk buy.

When NOT to Buy in Bulk

Buying in Bulk

Your online retailer might have an incredible sale on a food item that you love. However, if you don’t anticipate eating all of that item by the expiration date, you might lose money. Most pantry items and paper products will hold for a long period of time. However, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy items, and frozen foods might not last for years. You might need to pass up on buying three hundred frozen shrimp egg rolls. Take advantage of a separate freezer if you do opt to buy fresher and frozen food in bulk. Most fruits and vegetables can be washed, prepared, and frozen for long periods of time. Next time you see a bulk sale, take advantage of its incredible savings. Save time and money.

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