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With the new Windows 10 and the newer versions of iTunes, it is very easy and convenient to transfer music between any iOS device and Android. Apple has unleashed several steps which are rather straightforward and easy. If well followed, you can achieve the download of iTunes.

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Download iTunes Software

Download iTunes software

Be sure to get the versions which are compatible with Windows 10 such as iTunes 11 and 12 which are some of the latest. You could use some of the highly rated browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Tor Browsers. Or you could just use your best browser but be sure to have updated it to its latest version. On your browser of choice, navigate to the Apple iTunes download homepage. Scroll downwards a bit for the download button and then click save. The download should start and your browser should show progress. Click here to get iTunes download for Windows 10.

  • Get iTunes up and Running

Go to the downloads section and click to find a list of downloaded files. Double click on the iTunes file and click Run to open the package installer then click next. You may customize your installation and then click install and then click finish. A shortcut will appear on your desktop. You may decide to Pin to Start menu or just on the desktop.

  • Create an Apple Account

Create an Apple Account

This will enable you to get an Apple Identification, which is fundamental for music transactions. You can also achieve this very easily on your Windows 10 computer. Since you have now managed to install iTunes on your PC, launch the application from your desktop shortcut. A window will pop up and click on the ‘Account’ button near the top left corner. You could sign in if you ever had an Apple account before hand or click onto ‘Create New Apple ID’ if you never had one. Click continue and make sure you read all the terms and conditions and data privacy policies.

After reading then click the check box to insert a check mark stating that you have read all the notes. Click agree, followed by entering your Google account address and password. You shall enter the password two times for effective verification after which you will have to choose and answer a security question. The answer should be easy to remember if security concerns arise. You will be asked to fill personal details such as birth dates, full names, street addresses, place of residence, phone number and most importantly, your billing information such as card numbers, expiry dates, security code, and payment options. After filling out all this information, you will finally be able to create your own Apple ID. You will then be asked to verify your email to activate your Apple ID. From then onwards, you can now buy, download and start using iTunes on your Windows 10 device.


With your windows 10 computer, transfer of iTunes from your iOs device to android is still easy. For example, you could:

Copy and paste manually or drag and drop already purchased music files using a USB cable into your Android devices memory. Alternatively, if you have no access to a USB cable, you can use a flash drive in combination with an OTG device. You will start by copying the files to the flash drive and then mount the drive onto the OTG device, then mount the OTG device with the drive onto the USB port of your Android device and copy the files to your music folder.

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You could also sync your already installed iTunes account to your google music manager so that the files can be uploaded to your Google Play music manager for easy access. You could also use third party software in case of any compatibility issues.

The process of accessing iTunes on windows 10 is somewhat lengthy but simple and fathomable even for newbies. The operating system is the latest there is and is highly user-friendly, which makes it easy to install any software such as iTunes. This means that iTunes are easier to access now than ever before. Therefore it is so simple to transfer music from any apple device to all of your Windows and Android devices. Simply follow through this guide to transfer music to any android device.

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