How to Vacation Like a Cowboy

If you grew up on John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movies then there’s a good chance that you’ve dreamt of being a cowboy at some point whilst growing up. While there are full-time cowboys still living the dream, for most of us it is both impractical and far too daunting to make your cowboy fantasies a career. However, there are plenty of ways that you can get the full cowboy experience. From weekend trips with the family to longer vacations with your friends, here are some of the best ways to get the thrill and adventure of being a cowboy. Plan your experience right and you might rethink those career dreams.

Experience the Alamo

Is there anywhere more symbolic of the Wild West than the Alamo? The site of one of the most famous battles in US history, the 1836 fight is now part of American legend. The Alamo itself is well worth a visit if you dream of those long-gone days, and the 300-year old Spanish mission turned fortress can be visited at any time of the year – it’s even free to visit. If you’re looking for a little education alongside your cowboy adventures, then the Alamo has it in spades. It’s worth remembering that all around the Alamo there are plenty of other amazingly cowboy-like sites to explore and adventures to have, so don’t think that you’ll be heading to Texas just to see a building. Plan your trip to embrace those cowboy expectations.

Live Your Cowboy Dreams

What could be more cowboy than climbing onto a horse and trekking through some of the best landscapes in America? With horse rides available that can take you through the countryside that has barely changed in 500 years, it’s never been easier to get the full cowboy experience by booking Horserides in Bryce Canyon, Utah. Book half-day treks or something longer, and you’ll end your vacation feeling like you’ve lived in the America of days gone by. For those that have grown up wanting to feel the freedom of the wild west, then it’s hard to beat a real cowboy vacation that could perfectly scratch that itch.

Go Camping

Go Camping

If horses terrify you, and the thought of visiting Texas just to see the Alamo makes you want to just stay indoors, there are other options when it comes to fulfilling your cowboy dreams. Get the family gathered and head off cowboy camping. Leave the electronic devices somewhere safe and enjoy being in the great outdoors. Cook plenty of pork and beans, lay back, and stare at the stars. Not only is this one of the more relaxing ways to fulfill your dreams of being a cowboy, it’s also an easy option to consider if you have varied age groups in your party. Not everyone will want to horse ride or visit historical landmarks, but almost everyone will enjoy an evening under the stars and a roaring fire.

Whether it’s riding off into the sunset or simply embracing true freedom away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, life as a cowboy is certainly different. If you know your chaps from your spurs and you know you look awesome in a cowboy hat, then it might be time to satisfy those long-burning dreams of experiencing what life was like for those early settlers in the US.

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